I am grateful and humbled by my clients’ words of appreciation. They serve as great examples of what I’ve helped them to create, accomplish, and build.


Everyone knows the best compliment is a client referral, which is why I’m so proud that most of my clients come from referral and invitation.

I have worked with Brittany since January 2015. I have spent probably close to 100 or more hours with her. So my financial and time commitments have been substantial and something to consider. With that being said I’m a firm believer in “investing in yourself and your future”.

She has been a very positive influence in my life. I know she would be a positive influence in yours if you give her the chance to coach you in whatever pursuit you are going after. When I started with her she had a business card that said “Be your best self”. I am confident to say that with her coaching I am a better version of myself, but am still learning, growing, and developing on my own personal journey.
— Mark Gaffney - Educator and College Basketball Coach

Working with Brittany, she almost gave me permission to say no when a work commitment interfered with a personal one. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have someone listen, explore options, and provide professional advice on what would work to make decisions easier to make. I love working with Brittany and would contact her again when I need to. I would love to talk with her once a month just to run things by her. She sets me straight!
— Jody Figuerido, Ph.D.

I would say Brittany makes everything better. I started learning how to just do what I knew was right/in my gut and started feeling more comfortable doing so. I learned to trust the process. I learned how consistency is what a business needs. She’s the perfect combination of best friend, mom, and aunt. Its so nice to have that because even if you’re just thinking about making one adjustment, there are strategic tactics to her approach, she brings up relevant things that you didn’t even think through and you end up inspired after each session.
— Krissy Phillipino, KDFStudio & KDFBeats

I was struggling to communication with the most important people in my life. I am a people pleaser and want to have effective conversations, especially when dealing with conflicts. As a result of her coaching, I am better able to communicate with my fiancé and son, I am better equipped to deal with conflict, and I am communicating in a manner that is giving me the results I want.

Brittany is helping me to re-evaluate my consulting business and shape it into the business I want. Brittany has helped me on a number of levels by providing a different perspective of thinking. She has helped me get out of “my” way of thinking and provided me with resources to improve the ways in which I communicate and approach my consulting business.

Brittany is candid. She tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. There is no sugar coating. Not everyone can take this kind of coaching but I truly believe it is the only approach that can accelerate change. I found my coaching experience with Brittany to be invaluable. I look forward to my weekly sessions with her. I would recommend Brittany to people who need get out of their own way and who are truly ready to change their current behaviors to get the results they really want.
— Margaret Batting, [Image Communications, http://www.margaretbatting.com/ ]

I have never shied away from self-improvement so when I started to feel stuck in my profession and unable to attain my goals I knew I needed help. While researching therapists on line, I came upon Brittany. I saw her picture and read her write-up and believed she was the one who could change my life. Approximately six months have passed and in fact she has helped me live a happier and more productive life. I have been able to see a vision of what I want my life to look like while continuing to work towards being the best me possible. I have Brittany to thank for the clarity and focus and for teaching me how to operate as a better spouse, father, friend and worker. Simply put, she is amazing at what she does.
— FC

After nearly 15 years of practicing law and during a time in which family life presented a multitude of complex demands, I decided to consult with Brittany in an attempt to ease the daily feeling of being overwhelmed. It’s kind of ironic because as an attorney, one is expected to perform at a very high level and to stay extremely busy solving other peoples problems and there I was unable to face work on a daily basis. Brittany provided me with both practical solutions and philosophical guidance which allowed me to take ownership of the life and business I had created. As a direct result of my time with Brittany, my work life and home life have dramatically improved.
— TC

I’ve been working with Brittany for over a year now. I came to her during a low point in my career—specifically in regards to a crisis within my business partnership. Her genuine interest and skill in helping me to better my situation through bettering myself has blended into all aspects of my life—both professional and personal. Our meetings are a high point of my week. Best time and money I have ever spent. I recommend her not just to those in crisis—but to those who want to avoid crisis by being better every week.
— NT

Our family was stuck in how we attempted to resolved conflicts. We had power struggle that no one would win. I really felt like Brittany understood me and our needs. She has the expertise and compassion to help us better ourselves and how we relate to each other.

By working to dismantle old stories, I am better able to deal with conflict and adversity. I find myself having more authentic experiences and being happier with myself and my family. And when we “fall back” into old habits or patterns, it’s easier to recognize what is happening and to change it.

It takes a lot to challenge old ways and to reinvent one’s self-worth. Working with Brittany helped me see how improving my self-worth contributes to the general health, wellness and happiness of my family.

It wasn’t the tips and tools I thought we needed to make changes, but the change in thinking that really has driven the incredible positive changes for our family and more specifically for me
— Christine S.

You are superb. Thanks for sharing this with me, and yes, I really value our sessions together.
— A.L.

Your encouragement, motivation, patience and knowledge have all made a very big impact in me seeing who I can be. Thank you!
— W.P.

My personal and professional lives have significantly improved since Brittany began counseling me.
— P.C.

Though hesitant about my first time in therapy, I pleasantly discovered a welcoming and safe environment in my sessions with Brittany and felt comfortable expressing every part of myself in complete security. An empathetic listener and sincere confidant, she has helped me to live more presently and to embrace my true self.
— Z.F.

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