Are YOU killing your happiness?

Ever heard of FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out]? Do you have it?

If you let your drive to do more, achieve more, and succeed more stop you from being fully present, you have FOMO my friend. 

Do you ever get angry when someone's slowing you down? Irritable when you can't do what you want? Or find yourself fighting with family at the end of a stressful day?

That's because you're letting efficiency kill your happiness!

We let our FOMO steer us to increase our drive for efficiency. And in doing that, we miss the most happiness-producing ingredient there is - presence!

Find out how to stop letting efficiency drive you and kill your happiness. Watch this week's video for all the details!



So how are you killing your happiness? How is it showing up in your life? Want that to be different? Share your story in the video's comments section or on theblog now!