Are you proud of what you're doing?

Working hard sucks.

Working hard for someone else's dream sucks even more.

Yet somewhere in your upbringing, you're taught that hard work is necessary to have the life you want:

- to have success in your career

- provide for your family

- and have control of your life


But that's a lie. 

You don't have to work hard for 40-50 years missing out on so much, just to be retired and enjoy the last 10 years of your life.

Would you give your left eyeball to make this different? I thought so ;)

In this video, I'm going to blow your definition of legacy out of the water. I'll show you that you have a legacy too. And you should be proud of what you're creating!

Watch this week's video to stop complaining about your life, and start creating a legacy you're proud of! 


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Keep working, because you deserve to be your best self and live a life you love!