Do Not Dream Big

Has anyone ever asked you what your dreams are? Did you stutter or struggle to respond?

I do!

Why? Because dreams feel like a luxury we can't afford. Like something you can do only after you’ve finished everything else on your to-do list. “I’ll define my dreams after I finish the dishes, that report, and all these emails.”

And that’s exactly why you never get to it. If it feels like a luxury, you won’t create the time to do it.  

If dreams don’t feel like reality and goals are something you’re always chasing and rarely catch, you need VISION to inform your pursuit of your true potential. 

In this week's video, find out why you need vision to create the life you really want.


Did you hear the questions I spouted off in the video? Find those ???s and more below. Trust me, this is all the template you need to create your vision! 

Want some accountability?

Share YOUR answer to one of these questions below. Lets start creating your BIG vision! Create fun converstaions with your friends by asking these questions at your next cook out.