Do you even have fun?

Happy Thursday!

You're at the home stretch of your work week! Hallelujah! The weekend is near.

Do you have plans for your weekend? Are they plans to have FUN?!

I was at the gym and everyone was asked what they did for fun last weekend? I was shocked when so many people said they did NOTHING fun! 

Watch my video to find out the full story. Alsoooooo... I break it down so YOU can have fun this weekend no matter what!


Get more of me!

October 19th is the start of my coaching group! Do you know someone who runs a small business or their own practice or firm? Do they complain about being overwhelmed and not living their best life? 

I'm putting together a group of inspiring and accomplished people (by referral and invitation only) to meet via phone/Skype every Monday morning to give our persepctives and businesses a kick in the a**! 

You will start your week with intention, a clear head, and mega support and feedback from others in your shoes. If this is you, or someone you know, you've gotta talk to me first! Call me (401.441.1626) or email me ( and let's see if you're a Hell Yes for this group!