I'm going off the edge...

Do you consider yourself a rambunctious cowboy? Or a mischievous explorer?

Are you someone who would bet it all on Red? Or lives the mantra YOLO?

No? Me neither. 

Ok, so your life isn't as exciting as some of your younger friends. That's ok. You can still live on the edge. Your edge!

What do I mean?

I define living on the edge as that fine line between fear and excitement. When you feel you're palms get sweaty, but your mind is laser focused. 

Why should you live there? 

Finding this edge, getting there and staying there are the very things that create purpose, happiness, and connection in your life.

Watch this week's video to find your edge, know how to get there, and stay there for good!



Quit hoarding!

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What are you doing Sept 23rd?

Obviously you'll be joining the telesummit I'm hosting! Look for all the details and a killer surprise coming next week.