Teaching my friend to kitesurf

Kitesurfing is absolutley one of my favorite things to do. It's like walking on water and having a wind-powered jet engine all at the same time!

But it can take years to learn. One of my friends wanted to try, so I thought I'd show him the first step - learning to fly the kite. 

As I was teaching him, I realized how similar it was to coaching. Here's why:

- There's no miracle. If you want to see a "miracle", watch a televangelist.

- Progress, not perection. Coaching and kiting are about learning small, baby steps that will lead to a great transformation.

- Action is the only way to Satisfaction! The only way to change, transform, and learn to kite is to take action. You may fail at points along the way. But you will reach a satisfying end if you persist.


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What else?

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Keep working, because you deserve to be your best self and live a life you love!