The Demise of Guys

Are you a guy who wishing he had more power in his life? Or do you know a guy who you wish would step up? 

How about a guy that remains passive and let's his female partner take control with her masculine energy?  Sound familiar?

With so much attention to feminism and equal rights (which are great things!) some men are getting lost along the way.

But your feminine partner needs your masculine energy. They need to you to still give a damn. They need you to step into your power.

You know why?

It's sexy! That's right! When you own your masculinity, make decisions, and stop being a pushover, your partner will be more attracted to you. 

That's a win-win if I've ever heard one! 

Get more details and examples of this phenomenon in this week's video. Find out how you can step into your power now!


When have you been that passive guy? When have you taken back your power and had awesome results?   

Share your results in the comments section of this video or on the blog. Lets keep the conversation going to encourage men to get their power back!

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