Vacation's all I ever wanted?


In the Spring, everyone talks of “getting away”. Schools have spring break, work places honor time away.

But what are we “getting away” from?

From the cold weather (especially from this winter!), our jobs, from the stress of our daily lives. But do we ever really succeed in getting away? 

Even in a “get away” spot, I see everyone walking up early to run, on their phones and laptops to stay on top of their work life, and talking about family, friends, and problems at home. 

Because I see this so prevalently, I wonder, does anyone really want to get away? 

Getting away has a negative connotation to me. It emphasizes an escape, a need to pull away and disconnect. But I think that’s the opposite of what we really need. What I think we really crave is connection!

And that’s why we come back from vacations and still feel so exhausted. Because we’ve basically just relocated and maintained our same behavior patterns and wonder why we don’t feel better. 

What really need is connection. But we’re not even connected to the idea of connection! We are so ungrounded and just going through the motions and we struggle to know and be aware of what would really benefit us.

Instead of “getting away”, what if we strived to reconnect? Reconnect to ourselves, our souls, our deep desires; our partners, connect to our relationships. Connect with nature, with the earth, and with vitality. 

If we sought out connection instead of disconnection by “getting away”, we may find more fulfillment and relaxation in our vacations. 

So if a “get away” Is in your near future, or you daily life feels like something you need to get away from, challenge yourself to find where you’re disconnected. Reconnect with the thing you identified by…

- being completely honest with yourself and anyone else involved

- asking yourself what you can be doing differently

- connect with your vision of what you really want this part of your life to look like

- and connect with how you want to feel in this part of your life.

From there, come up with one action item you’re willing to do, and make it happen! I promise you change will result!