What does it mean to be all in?

If you've worked with me before, I'm sure you've heard me use the phrase "all in."It's what I would consider one of the most underrated secrets to happiness. 


If you're "all in" with something, that means you're present, engaged, and focused on whatever it is you're doing. And when you have presence, engagement, and focus it makes the doing that much more enjoyable. 

I believe it's when we split our time and try to be multi-taskers that we make ourselves unhappy. 

Being "all in" has already shown up in unexpected ways in my trip:

- Being all in with their spiritual practice

People in India practice a wide variety of religions, but what they all share is an unwavering commitment to their practice. Everyday, these temples, mosques, and churches receives thousands of visitors, many of whom visit daily. What do you do every day that feeds your soul and connects to your spirit?

- All in in supporting their communities

These same temples, mosques, and churches feed their visitors everyday. As it was explained to me by a guide, they understand how important their community is, and that we all need to take care of each other. As he showed me the incredible size of their kitchen, it was clear what huge undertaking this was. But really, what else should we be doing but taking care of each other? What do you do to help your community?

- All in with shared goals

Since I've arrived in Nepal, you can see the presence of NGOs, humanitarian workers, and collaboration efforts. From meeting at the airport, to sharing information at the coffee shop, it is clear that we are all working towards the same mission: supporting Nepal. It is amazing the amount of work that can be accomplished when interests are aligned and people are All In! How do you collaborate with others?


I met these guys on my flight to Nepal. They were bringing $60k in donated medicine and supplies! Amazing, and all in!

These are just a few of the examples of people being all in on my trip so far! So, how can you be all in in your life? Name one action step you can do today to get there!