What's your inner genius?

You know when you're sitting at a coffee shop, and all of a sudden you think of a brilliant way to store napkins that no one has ever thought of before? 

It's like you've just invented a process that will make you rich and famous. So, for a a second, you bask in the idea of becoming the celebrity Napkin Guy. 

And then, after a minute or so, you go right back to sipping your coffee and on with your day. 

That napkin thing- that's your stroke of genius!

That's you allowing your brain to flow in creativity!

That's you accessing your inner genius!

You don't need to act on each stroke of genius you have. You just need to access your inner genius as much as possible!

How do you do that?

Watch this week's video to learn how I access my inner genius, and what may work for you too! Watch your inner genius take off and create what you didn't think was possible! 



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