Why you don't get anything done

Look at your to-do list right now! This moment!

What's on it? What has been checked off as completed? And what hasn't?

What has lingered on your list SO LONG that it will deserve a ceremony once completed?

That's the one I'm talking about! 

It's that task you wish you could pay someone to do for you. The one you would NEVER miss doing again. The one that causes your stress just seeing on your to-do list. 

That's your resistance! 

We all have it. And you can find it cropping up everywhere you go - the gym, a work meeting, important conversations with your spouse. 

Your current tactics:

AVOID at all costs! Delay, delay, delay! Or hop on Facebook for 15 minutes.

Want a real solution? One that will get you to accomplish this task and no longer feel weighed down?

Watch this week's video to learn to Recognize Resistance, no Rationalize it, to once and for all Resolve your Resistance!



Business Group Coaching

This group will be closed at the end of November until June 2016. This will allow the group to grow together and not waste time repeating things.

If you were on the fence or thinking about joining, this is your chance to email mefor an interview. But don't let that scare you off! I'll be nice about it :)

What else?

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You can create your legacy and live a life you love!