You're killing your game- this is how

It's funny what you can learn from the most unexpected sources! Say, for instance, your new tennis coach...

After watching me hit for a while, my new coach pointed out that I try to make every hit my kill shot. 

When he said it, I immediately knew what he meant!

Each time I hit the ball, I was trying to get the point. But that's not the most effective way to play.

You need to work it and finesse it, not kill it!

Win the point {and the whole match} by using 3 key strategies to that will make you more effective, and your closing game stronger!

How do you deliver your kill shots to close a deal? Get a date? Or get in shape? And how does your kill shot ultimately kill your game?

Watch this week's video for the 3 Strategies to Win without your Kill Shot! 


Share your experience

What is your go-to kill shot? Where and when do you use it? How will you change your game for better results? Spill it in the comments section of this video. Remember, your experiences can be other's gains, so share away!


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