My code of silence

Noticed that you haven't heard from me in a while?

It's been just over a week since I've sent out an email, posted on Facebook, or Tweeted out to the world!

Feeling ignored? Well, don't! It's not about you. It's about me!

Do you ever have people telling you what you SHOULD be doing? Whether it's in business, your relationships, or with your personal development?

Like you SHOULD be posted on social media daily to get noticed, or you SHOULD be connecting with your partner daily, or [LOVE this one] you SHOULD always be working on yourself?

Yikes!! If I did all that I would have time for nothing else in my life!

What's this got to do with my code of silence?

So I know that to gain more traction in business, having a consistent web presence is important. But you know what else is important? My sanity and well being.

This past week my sister in law got married. We traveled to California for the beautiful event and knew that so many of our family members would be there.

So I had a choice to make: Try to keep up with my business at the same time, or push the pause button and fully enjoy the time away.

And I chose the latter.

At first, I had guilt about it. "I need to practice what I preach", "I'm just being lazy", or "I'm a bad business person because I'm not doing it."

But in reality, none of these things are true about me. Here's what my truth is: I needed to slow down. I needed to go deeper - with myself and my family. I needed space from my "to-do's" and find peace with just being.

And I'm so thankful I did! I had an amazing time with family and friends. I cultivated new relationships. And I reconnected with just being in order to be my best self and the best coach.

How do you "go dark" from some of the demands in your life? When do you step away for your own greater good? And how do you come back to life better than before?

We all need a "code of silence" sometimes. Take yours, and see how you come back better!

Here are some of the beautiful places I visited while away.