What do you stand for?

What you stand for says a lot about who you are. 

There are moments that define us. There are relationships that shape us. And there are values we choose to live by. 

So what do you stand for?

What are your strongest values? What are your key priorities in life? What are the principles that guide your daily life?

It can be difficult to define these ourselves. If you asked the 5 people closest to you to describe you in 3-5 words, what would they be? And do you think you'd agree with what these people said? 

If your answer is yes - that you'd agree with how they described you, then you are DEFINITELY living by the values you set out to. How do I know that? Because other people picked up on it!

If you answered no - that your friends described you differently than the values you believe you stand for, then Houston we have a problem!

A misalignment between who you want to be and who you actually are does not feel good! It can feel like a constant uphill battle, that nothing is going smoothly, and that the world is fighting with us.

Why would anyone choose that?

Because it's NOT a CONSCIOUS choice that's being made. And this is the real problem!

When we aren't in touch with what we stand for, what our true values and guiding principles are, then anything will do, right?

So when the world feels like it's working against us, it's because we have lost touch with our values and are not living with intention.

How I live for what I stand for:

- I have my 3 core values, desired feelings, and life motto on my vision board. I see it everyday when I wake up. This helps me to remember how I want to live my life. 

- Create accountability with your support network. Don't just assume you're on track, ask your friends and family how they would describe you to really find out if you're living up to those values.

- Describe a visualization of what it would look like if you were living by your stated values. Now you know EXACTLY what it would look like, feel like, and taste like when you're living with intention and aligned with your values! This way, you'll know when you're nailing it!

This is a picture of me from 2012 trekking on Mt. Aconcagua. This is me living my values. This is me living with intention. And this is me knowing what I stand for.

For me, this picture represents my values of exploration and travel, determination, and mental and physical strength. 

When I see this, I'm reminded that I AM those things. And if I feel that I've fallen off that path, this picture reconnects me to living with that intention.

What picture, momento, or words can you use to represent what you stand for?

Aconcagua trek

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