Emotional Inventory


It's a very simple exercise. Yet I guarantee most of you won't be able to do it.

Up for the challenge?

Track your emotions for 7 days.

Yes, the exercise is that simple. So why don't I think most of you can do it?

Because it's going to feel uncomfortable, increase your awareness, and challenge the way your see yourself.

And doing those things are hard!

But there's even more to be gained from doing this exercise...

If I had done this exercise a year ago, I would have been waaaay more challenged. That's because a year ago I equated my value to things that could be measured; such as how much money I was making, how busy I was, and what I was achieving. 

And all of these things are associated with DOING.

So, when I felt I wasn't "measuring up" my emotions would include: frustration, anger, sadness, disappointment, and not feeling good about myself in general.

This all changed when I got pregnant.

My swelling belly took away my body's energy to DO, DO, DO.

I had a choice. I could feel crappy about not accomplishing as much as I used to. Or I could value just BEING.

When we allow ourselves to just be, without judgement and with self-compassion, we make it ok for ourselves to do a little less.

So when I did my emotional inventory, good stuff came up for me because I have made it ok to just BE, and not judge myself based on my achievements.


Track your emotions for 7 days.

See what comes up for you.

If it's a lot of negativity, explore why? and where it's coming from? If it's positive, congrats on having BEING balance!

Happy emoting :)