Giver, Matcher or Taker?


Are you a giver, matcher or taker?

Whenever I ask people this question, they want to be perceived as a giver. So I ask them why?


Because who doesn't want to seem generous and selfless?! Who doesn't want to be perceived as living from abundance and caring about others?

You're right! Those things are great!

But only if they're in BALANCE.

It's true, Givers are the most successful people of these 3 groups. But they are also the least successful people as well.


You have to know when to give, be selfless, and care about others....and when NOT to.

Yes, I said it. There are times when you should not be giving all your time and attention away to others and taking care of yourself and your responsibilities instead. There are times when you should say "no" to people you care about because that would actually serve them better. And there are times when giving too much means that you don't have what you need to survive.

What can you do about it?

Watch this week's video to find the solution that will balance you out!