It's a Girl!

I would like to introduce to you a very special guest on the blog this week:

My new daughter - Daphne Elizabeth Drozd!

She was born early Saturday morning on April 23rd. Both her and I are healthy and getting to know each other :)

My husband and I are overjoyed and completely taken by this experience of childbirth and being new parents. There has been so much learning already. Here are a few key insights we've garnered:

- Motherhood is a badass club -  I previously never thought of it this way prior to holding my new daughter. But after experiencing carrying a child, delivery, and breastfeeding (for just a few days) I realized that it takes an absolute badass to conquer this job! 

- Parenting is deliberate - I thought I lived with intentionality before. THIS is a whole new level. Everything I do for her is about her survival, happiness, and comfort. I do everything for her FULL OUT, on purpose, and with intention. 

- Go slow - Since Daphne's arrival, my life has slowed waaaaay down. Yes, I'm up at all hours. But now I'm a home body, do less "tasks" beyond parenting, and have found so much joy in the process. Doing less really does give you more. I notice all of her little movements and reactions. I could literally just watch her for hours. That has given me more than any completed To-Do list ever could.

PS- Thank you for all of your support over the last few months, kind words, and parenting advice!