What is your superpower?


What if I told you that you have a secret superpower? A superpower so great it could change lives? What would you do about it? 

Well, you do.

You do have a superpower that can change lives, but you may not have realized it. Or maybe you haven't used it yet, but the potential for your superpower exists.

It's your impact. 

You have an effect on people. When someone interacts with you, they are changed. Forever. 

You get to decide if that impact is positive or negative.

You get to decide how vast that impact is.

A story about impact:

I did Facebook Live video recently about the ingredients required to create a legacy from your life. I spoke about reading a terribly sad article on the war erupting in Myanmar, and how affected a young mother by losing her loved ones. The story inspired me to donate to Red Cross to help aid in this unimaginable struggle the refugees are facing. 

I also shared a link to that story on social media and asked others to read it and donate if they felt touched by her story. I heard from 2 other friends that decided to donate because I had shared it.

That is impact my friend. One person can inspire others and touch them in a positive way that makes each of their lives better. 

You have that power. I have that power. What will you do with it?