Why you're not making more money

I love when themes show up in my work. It shows me where to put my focus and what my clients need. The theme over the last few weeks has been money.

Coming off of January (the goal-setting month), people are hyper-focused on hitting their new metrics and sticking to their new habits. But this ultimately is a distraction and creates an illusion from what's really important.

If you want to make more money (most people's goal), don't focus on the money.

This may seem counterintuitive, but hear me out...

The law of attraction would tell you to focus on what you want and you will pull it towards you. But I don't believe that, especially in regards to money.

Money is a currency of performance. It's an indicator of a job well done. It's feedback on how you're doing.

Therefore, money is the result. It's the effect. But in order to influence the end result, you have to manipulate the process, i.e. your service or product.

Instead of asking yourself, "how can I make more money?" ask, "how can I add more value?"

If you focus on the value, money will come as a result. Here are some basic ways to add more value today:

- a hand written card

- a follow up email or call about their experience with you/your product

- a gift

- sharing an article/book specifically catered for that customer's needs.

Have you focused on adding value to your business? What happened? What changed for you?