It really is that easy

My clients have big, complex problems. And they're always surprised when I offer up an easy, obvious, or basic solution.

Client: "Really? That's it? It's that easy?!"

Me: "Yes, it really is that easy."

People don't believe me at first because they think the answer they need is super complicated, or really difficult. They don't believe that the easy answer will solve their issue because what would that say about them? They're stupid, they didn't try the obvious thing, or they're incapable of managing their own problems (*** I don't believe my clients are any of those things, but we all make up stories about ourselves).

Some of my best suggestions:

- Have you tried asking them that?

- Have you said it to them the same way you said just it to me?

- Have you shared what you want?

We overlook "easy" because it seems obvious. But we don't even try the "easy" or "obvious" options because we want to believe we're more complicated or a bigger deal than that. If you're really invested in finding a solution, don't over think it. Don't make it more complicated than it is. Think of what a 5 year-old would do in this situation!

From my experience, the most effective solutions really are that easy. They get to the crux of the problem and address it directly and succinctly. 

What issue is plaguing you? What are you stuck on right now?

What easy solution might owrk for you?