How to lead with your heart and still be respected

You have an idea for a project, but don’t feel you’re allowed to make suggestions. 

You need help, but don’t feel you can ask your employee because you’re the boss.

You don’t like the way you’re spoken to by your boss, but can’t say anything.

Your team doesn’t open up to you because they feel you’re unrelateable. 

These are real-life problems you face on a weekly basis at work. But the conversation around these issues usually sounds like this:

“Advocate for yourself!” 

“Lean in!”

“Don’t look weak”

“Know your stuff”

Although these mantras can certainly be helpful in the right setting, with the right people, and the right mindset, we’re not always that fortunate.

The problem with these approaches are that they lack 2 essential qualities:

Heart and humanity. 

Why aren’t we allowed to address problems in the workplace with heart? Why is it not acceptable to not know something? Why can’t we ask for what we really need?

Our hearts are a place for love and acceptance. We all need love and acceptance. Yet, somehow, when we go to work, we’re supposed to shut that down. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that in our bodies and minds. 

But in our agro, perfectionist work settings, it doesn’t feel safe to seek these things out. 

So where’s the disconnect?


Where do we stop acting human?

On our commute! We are literally deciding to leave our human needs at the door before we get to work. And as bosses, we are deciding to forgot our employees are people and that they have human needs. 

Want to be wildly successful?

Stop doing this.

People perform at their best when a few things are present:

  • when they feel they have impact
  • when they feel they have decision-making power
  • when they feel heard and respected

You can bring these things into your workplace by using your heart and humanity. 

  • If you’re a key decision-maker at your job, ask for feedback and suggestions from your team. They may just surprise you with their ideas! 
  • If you’re new to your job, ask your boss what you can do to have greater impact on the company’s mission.

Make it a point to align your heart and humanity with your work. You could create a positive disruption in your workplace!