I hate that shit

Sometimes I get awful emails about how to grow my business. They promise to tell me why I’m not attracting the clients I want, and why I’m not making 10x the amount of money I should be. 

And to be honest, sometimes I’m kind of intrigued. Sometimes I think, “oh yeah? Maybe I should have tons of clients and 10x more money!”

If I’m hooked enough, I’ll go one step further and click on their “freebie” or video that will tell me how to get rich tomorrow. 

But I’m never surprised when it takes me to an empty promise of marketing tactics and ploys to “lure people in”. Or tells me that I need to create an online course to sell to hundreds of people offering some generic approach to solving their problems.

I hate that shit.

The idea of selling someone something they don’t need is gross. The idea of luring someone anywhere, or tricking them into buying something just sucks. Even worse: pitching an online course about how to make 6 or 7 figures in your business is just plain obnoxious.

I’m a great coach. And I don’t need thousands of followers or millions of dollars to prove it. 

That’s exactly why I don’t fall for the empty promises being offered to me daily by emails and Facebook ads.

I offer the opposite of a course that will work for everyone. I offer solutions that will only work for you. 

I used to feel that I wasn’t dreaming big enough. That I needed some lofty goal of selling a book or making a million dollars in order to prove I was making an impact or great at what I do. 

Now, I understand that size of the dream or life you want to create is not important. It’s about creating something that is true to you:

  • a life aligned with your values
  • a life that serves you
  • a life that creates the legacy you dreamed of 

For me, that’s not an online course selling generic dreams and empty promises. It’s doing what I do best: serving the person right in front of me more powerfully than they could imagine.

  • What are you focusing on or reaching for that isn’t true to you? 
  • What do you keep striving for that isn’t happening?
  • What if you stopped “dreaming big” and dreamed just right for you instead?