What aren't you seeing?

A fish does not see the water. 

Is this true? If you've been immersed in something for so long (or forever), and it's all you know, can you see it?

I read this recently in The Untethered Soul. The author was illustrating the pervasiveness of our racing thoughts and constant assessment of how we measure up against others. His point was this:

You can’t change for the better - think better, perform better, have better relationships - if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong.
— (Brittany interpreting author's message)

What's your version of the fish's water?

What can't you see about yourself, or what you're doing, that would make all the difference in your life? What's do you everyday, that if you adjusted, would dramatically change the outcomes in your life?

Here's what I think on about that:

I recently did a radio interview, and I touched on this very subject. Listen to it here: https://empireradionow.com/brittany-drozd-6-17-17-coaching-chris/