We all have places in our life where we feel like "I've got this", and others were we feel like "I have no idea what I'm doing".

One is not right. One is not wrong.

One does not make you better. One does not make you a failure.

Both mastery and growth are necessary to evolve as a human being.

With only mastery, you are arrogant. I would be too if I was a master of everything. With only growth, we feel overwhelmed and not in control.

There are 3 key distinctions to recognizing your areas of mastery and growth:

- Comfort zone vs. Edge

- Confidence vs. Humility

- Teacher vs. Students

In this video, I discuss each distinction at length so that you can distinguish your own areas of mastery and growth. After this video, you will be able to identify the right balance of mastery and growth for you, and how to make adjustments along the way so that you are always at your best!