Can you impact someone's life?


I remember the first time I realized I had the power to influence someone else. It was my mom. She had asked for my opinion.

Naturally, I had a choice to make.

Do I use this as a chance to unleash my teenage anger on all the times I was grounded, and give her some advice that would only serve me?

Or do I do the right thing, and give her the feedback that would truly serve her?

We all have the opportunity to impact the lives of others. In the conversations we have, in the support we give, and in the way we receive and respond to others.

This is such a great gift to be able it impact and touch someone’s life. But it’s also a huge responsibility.

What kind of impact will you make in someone’s life? What will you do to be a positive influence on someone? How will you step up to serve others?

Check out this week’s video to hear more about how you can impact someone's life.