Is your relationship with your partner mediocre?
Is your business income on a plateau that won’t end?
Are your consistently somewhat dissatisfied with yourself?

All signs point to your Having Level being the problem.

What’s your Having Level? And how does it play such a big role without you even knowing it?!

Your having level is what you believe you truly deserve in your life. This includes everything from your bank account to your romantic relationship. It’s a behind-the-scenes influencer that is super powerful. 

Your having level gets shaped by your experiences. 

If you have a crappy experience with something in business, then you may conclude that you’re not cut out for your job/entrepreneurship/ or that you’re an imposter. 

That conclusion becomes a belief that you hold about yourself. Once we have a belief, we look for pieces of evidence to support that belief. 

Over time, with enough evidence, we put together a story that we tell ourselves about why we’re no good enough to be or have whatever it is we really want. 

This is how your Having Level gets created in summary:

Experience > Belief > Story. 

We can’t always change the experiences we have. But we can change the beliefs and therefore stories we create from those experiences.

Watch this week’s video to learn more about how you can change your Having Level to up-level your life.