I Needed a Change

I'll never forget that morning over 4 years ago.

I had just pulled into the parking lot of my office, but I couldn't bring myself to go in. It was only 8am, but I was already exhausted from my work day.

I couldn't figure out how I had gotten here.

Just a year beforehand, I was thrilled to be starting my own business! I had long dreamed of the day when I could control my schedule and how I would serve clients.

Yet, here I found myself - stuck in my car in my office parking lot - afraid to admit that I hated my business.

How is that possible?!!? Didn't I just work my ass off for 18 months to make sure I wouldn't be in this position again?

I thought, "How did I mess this up so badly?" I was in a position others would kill for - to be my own boss- yet today, I hated my business and I didn't want to go inside.

I knew something had to change.

I had figured out the basics - making a decent income, customers were finding me, and I was paying my bills. But I didn’t work this hard and leave a great paying job with benefits just to create at mediocre business.

I studied and learned everything I could about how to create a business that brought in clients and I loved, AND that gave me the lifestyle I wanted.

Looooooooooong story short:

I created it.

I created a business that I'm proud of, I make the money that I want to support my lifestyle, and I absolutely love all the clients that come through the door.

I feel so passionately about creating better businesses- businesses that actually serve their owners- that I put everything I learned into a bootcamp:

Business on Purpose will give you the very best tools and teachings you need to take your business to the next level. This 75-day bootcamp will walk you through each step in the process, and push you into taking action immediately to create the results you’ve always been looking for.

I would love to meet with you to discuss how Business on Purpose can create seriously satisfying results for you and your business.

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