3 tips for Holiday Survival


It's the most wonderful time of the year, right?! Cue the music and holiday jingles! But it doesn't always feel like the most wonderful time, does it? Something happens between the holiday's intended effect and how you actually feel.

Today’s video is intended to help you manage the little things that come up so that they don’t become big things that stop you from being present and getting the most out of this holiday season.

And since it's the first week in our Holiday Survival Series, there will be plenty more where this came from in the coming weeks!

Watch this week's video for 3 tips on family, food, and Holiday stress!

 [Watch: http://youtu.be/PQFXrN4sEsk]

I’m definitely looking forward to this first upcoming holiday-Thanksgiving- and will be using these tips myself to stay present enjoy the people around me!

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