How I overcome Comfort Zone Phobia


Do you ever get sick of the monotony in your life? Ever feel that you're just going through the motions, waiting for the weekend, just to start all over again on Monday?

If either of those questions resonate with you, you're likely suffering from Comfort Zone Phobia! {cue the scary zombie music} 

What is Comfort Zone Phobia?

It is the fear or resistance of going outside your comfort zone for any reason! Even at the cost of achieving the life your really want and becoming your best self.

How do you change this? Take action!


When we try to escape our fears, they get bigger! Like a cartoon's looming shadow.

But when we turn to face our fears, we see that they're not so big and bad after all.

Sometimes our "fear of the fear" is what makes taking action seem scary.

So start small!

What is something you procrastinate doing because you don't like it?

- Do it in the morning when you have the most energy and focus

- Tell someone your goal for accountability

- Pat yourself on the back for facing your fear- I'm serious!

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Ever left the safety of the comfort zone nest? Why and how did you do it?! Share your spooky story this week!