Unexpected lessons in gratefulness


Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you're traveling around to see family or staying home to chow down, this week is a great time to slow down and get grateful! In the second week of the Holiday Survival Series, I get into the nitty gritty of gratefulness....and it's not what you're expecting!

Forget those basic lists of what you're grateful for, I want to know what makes you tick and who gets under your skin. Why? Because it's the things and people that unsettle us that serve as our greatest gift!

This week's video teaches you how to spot your greatest teachers, and what you can learn about yourself from them!

Watch this week's video to master the art of making friends your enemy and learning lessons of gratefulness from those unexpected teachers.


I hope you have a greatThanksgiving- wherever you may be! Stay present and grateful and enjoy this holiday!

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