Emotional Inventory


It's a very simple exercise. Yet I guarantee most of you won't be able to do it.

Up for the challenge?

Track your emotions for 7 days.

Yes, the exercise is that simple. So why don't I think most of you can do it?

Because it's going to feel uncomfortable, increase your awareness, and challenge the way your see yourself.

And doing those things are hard!

But there's even more to be gained from doing this exercise...

If I had done this exercise a year ago, I would have been waaaay more challenged. That's because a year ago I equated my value to things that could be measured; such as how much money I was making, how busy I was, and what I was achieving. 

And all of these things are associated with DOING.

So, when I felt I wasn't "measuring up" my emotions would include: frustration, anger, sadness, disappointment, and not feeling good about myself in general.

This all changed when I got pregnant.

My swelling belly took away my body's energy to DO, DO, DO.

I had a choice. I could feel crappy about not accomplishing as much as I used to. Or I could value just BEING.

When we allow ourselves to just be, without judgement and with self-compassion, we make it ok for ourselves to do a little less.

So when I did my emotional inventory, good stuff came up for me because I have made it ok to just BE, and not judge myself based on my achievements.


Track your emotions for 7 days.

See what comes up for you.

If it's a lot of negativity, explore why? and where it's coming from? If it's positive, congrats on having BEING balance!

Happy emoting :)





Your greatest challenge yet


You do so much. 

You manage your career, take care of your family, and try to better yourself. Yet there are times when all of that doesn't feel like enough!

It's that gnawing feeling of "I know I can do better. If I just....." fill in the blank with the problem of your choice! 

In most aspects of your life, this relentless pursuit of excellence is a good thing. Society rewards you for it.

But what happens when it doesn't serve you? When it burns you out? When you wish you could just stop sometimes?

I want to offer you the greatest challenge yet! ...to just be. Can you do it?

Watch this week's video to see if your up for the challenge!


A better Thanksgiving starts here

It's almost time for my favorite holiday... Thanksgiving!

And whether you celebrate this day or not, it's always a good day to be grateful and eat delicious food!

My good friend hosts an annual party where we make crafts and celebrate the season. Although I wouldn't call myself particularly "crafty", I'm very proud of this Grateful Garland I made (see pic below!) 

Each leaf has something written on it that I'm grateful for. Some of my favorites include: my family, my clients, and puppies. Yes puppies, really. I just love those things!

The words "gratitude" and "grateful" can seem over played this time of year. But I will still challenge you to come up with your own list. We all have things in our lives to be grateful for.

Write them down.

Read them often.

See what changes for you.

Want even more support to survive your holiday? You got it! 

Last year I published a Holiday Survival Series that will help you have the best holiday seaon yet! 

Check out the first video in the series here. Find the rest on my YouTube Channel.


Why you should unsubscribe now

Happy Tuesday!

Do you know why I send emails out on Tuesdays? I never thought you'd ask! Market research companies have found that Tuesday is the best chance of getting your email opened by a customer! Hurray!!!

But who cares  about open rates if your not sending your people anything of value or positively impacting their lives!

So I BEG you... Please unsubscribe if you feel these emails aren't giving you any value or positively impacting your life! Because that's my goal! Not open rates.

I absolutely love my tribe on here, but I only want you here if it feels good for you! 

Watch this week's video to use the "unsubscribe rule" in more areas of your life!

Business Group Coaching

This group will be closed at the end of November until June 2016. This will allow the group to grow together and not waste time repeating things.

If you were on the fence or thinking about joining, this is your chance to call me for an interview. But don't let that scare you off! I'll be nice about it :)

Find more wisdom through hula hooping

Ever feel stuck or completely trapped in a situation? Ever look for the answer to something simple, but it doesn't come?

Have you tried thinking with your body? 

We have a crazy amount of wisdom from the neck down. But we don't use it as much as we should.

Do you get a gut feeling that something's not right? That's your body's wisdom telling you, "Hey, listen up! You know something's wrong here. So pay attention."

How can you access this wisdom when you're in a jam?

Move your body!! Today's video is all about using movement to find your energy and access all the answers you already know!



Business Group Coaching

The first 2 weeks of our group have been a total success! The 2 free sessions have ended, but I am still accepting referrals for those interested in joining. We've had so much interest, I may start a second group!

What's the first step? Call me (401.441.1626) or email me (brittany@brittanydrozd.com) for a quick interview. Let's find out if we can create amazing results for you.

What else?

Work with me  one-on-one for even bigger creation and transformation. Find out even more ways you can make positive changes for your life and get what you really want!

Keep working, because you deserve to be your best self and live a life you love!

Teaching my friend to kitesurf

Kitesurfing is absolutley one of my favorite things to do. It's like walking on water and having a wind-powered jet engine all at the same time!

But it can take years to learn. One of my friends wanted to try, so I thought I'd show him the first step - learning to fly the kite. 

As I was teaching him, I realized how similar it was to coaching. Here's why:

- There's no miracle. If you want to see a "miracle", watch a televangelist.

- Progress, not perection. Coaching and kiting are about learning small, baby steps that will lead to a great transformation.

- Action is the only way to Satisfaction! The only way to change, transform, and learn to kite is to take action. You may fail at points along the way. But you will reach a satisfying end if you persist.


Do you own a business? Or lead a team?

Join our group! Feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by a business you built does not have to be your story. Jump on the call October 19th at 9am EST! 

I've put together a group of inspiring and accomplished people (by referral and invitation only) to meet via phone/Skype every Monday morning to give our persepctives and businesses a kick in the a**! 

You will start your week with a clear head and mega support and feedback from others in your shoes. If this is you, or someone you know, you've gotta talk to me first! Call me (401.441.1626) or email me (brittany@brittanydrozd.com) and let's see if you're a Hell Yes for this group!


What else?

Work with me  one-on-one for even bigger creation and transformation. Find out even more ways you can make positive changes for your life and get what you really want!

Keep working, because you deserve to be your best self and live a life you love!

Do you even have fun?

Happy Thursday!

You're at the home stretch of your work week! Hallelujah! The weekend is near.

Do you have plans for your weekend? Are they plans to have FUN?!

I was at the gym and everyone was asked what they did for fun last weekend? I was shocked when so many people said they did NOTHING fun! 

Watch my video to find out the full story. Alsoooooo... I break it down so YOU can have fun this weekend no matter what!


Get more of me!

October 19th is the start of my coaching group! Do you know someone who runs a small business or their own practice or firm? Do they complain about being overwhelmed and not living their best life? 

I'm putting together a group of inspiring and accomplished people (by referral and invitation only) to meet via phone/Skype every Monday morning to give our persepctives and businesses a kick in the a**! 

You will start your week with intention, a clear head, and mega support and feedback from others in your shoes. If this is you, or someone you know, you've gotta talk to me first! Call me (401.441.1626) or email me (brittany@brittanydrozd.com) and let's see if you're a Hell Yes for this group!

Are you King TUT?

I heard this acronym from my trainer: TUT stands for Time Under Tension. 

In weight training, Time Under Tension determines the amount of work and exertion you put out. 

The same can be said for our private and professional lives too! How much time do you spend Tutting? Enough to make you King TUT?

That's a title you don't want, trust me! More TUT = more stress, anger, and dissatisfaction. 

Watch this week's videos find out how to stop Tutting around, and get to living the life you really want! 



So are you more of a TUT than you thought? Yeah, me too! Help us all stop Tutting by sharing your experience with our community! Post in the video's commentssection or on the blog now!

How gut feelings change your life

We all get them. Those gut feelings that tell us something's not quite right.

You know, that feeling you've been trying to ignore for ages because you know it's going to stir sh*t up in your life!

The crazy part is that those gut feelings are the most intelligent thing about us. And, at times, the most authentic as well.

Yet, time and time again we ignore them. We don't want to believe they're true. 

Why is that?

One of the most difficult things to do is admit that somthing needs to change. But that acknowledgement can be the embarkation of an awesome journey!  

It's what you do with those feelings that has the power to change everything!

Watch the video to learn how to listen to what your gut's telling you so you can change your world!

When have you gotten a gut feeling you couldn't ignore? What did you do about it? How did it change your life?! Tell me all about it in the video's comments section or on the blog now!

3 tips on how to quiet your business brain


Ever have a super stressful week/month/quarter at work, and find that it's impacting your sleep? You're not alone!

Not cool, right?!

It seems like there's nothing worse than a long, stressful day at work and not even getting sleep at the end of it!

This week's video is the brainchild of one of our very own viewers! And I know he's not alone in his struggle to "let it go" at the end of the work day. 

Whether you're a solopreneur, executive, or just care about your job, we can all get swept up by work stress.

Want to let it go and get a good night's sleep?

Watch the video to get these 3 tips and find out what's behind ALL the stress to begin with! 


HEY!! Like this video? Find the content relatable? That's because it came from a viewer like you! Now, I want YOU to send your questions and feedback to me at Brittany@BrittanyDrozd.com to have all your questions answer via video blog!


You are what you eat! Really!!


I know what you're thinking..."I could really use a snack right now!" How did I know that? Because I'm human too, which means I get tired at this time during the work day and I love food!

And, similarly to you, millions of people make diet and nutrition goals and resolutions every year. Whether it's to lose ten pounds, follow a specific diet, or eat more veggies, we all need to pay attention to what we're eating!

Now, two weeks into the New Year, where do you stand with the resolutions you made just two weeks ago?

If you've already fallen off the bandwagon (we won't tell :), here's your chance to get back on.

In this week's video, I interview Shira Hirshberg of All Foods Nutrition to tell us what big food mistakes we're making and what small changes we can make that will have a major impact in our diet.

Why is this important to you?

Your nutrition and health is so central to how we feel and our ability to access our full potential. Need more focus at work? Well, what did you eat today? Feeling rather moody? What did you eat today?

See what I mean?!


So maybe you're one of those health wizards that has this all down already? Great! Make sure to share your strategies with the rest of us on the blog! 

Put more soul in your goals for 2015


Now that the hype of New Year's is upon us, you will feel pressured into a New Year's resolution or goal of some kind. But the problem with that is if it doesn't come from your soul - the place of your truth and knowing - then it's not going to last long.

When you make resolutions from you head, that's just where they stay - in your head! Think about it. A goal of eating more vegetables, exercising more, or losing weight is not something you feel in your soul!

A re-soul-ution looks at the bigger picture: Who do you want to become? How do you want your life to look? Those are the questions that re-soul-utions are born out of!

How will you go all in and trust yourself with a re-soul-ution this year?

Watch this week's video to create your own re-soul-ution now!


I've been receiving awesome feeback and questions from you guys to my inbox. But I'd love it even more if we can create a powerful conversation in the comments section of this video! Share your love there :) Pretty please!

How to make room for success in 2015


Happy New Year's Eve! In a few hours we will all pull the curtain on 2014. While most people have already started looking forward to 2015, I urge you to first take time to reflect on 2014 in order to start 2015 from the best place possible.

What do I mean reflect?

- Reflect on your greatest accomplishments and times of growth.

- Reflect on what and who has served you well this year.

- And reflect on the things that didn't serve you as well.

Then... get rid of those things that didn't serve you!

You have to make room in your life for what you want by first getting rid of what you don't need!


Watch this week's video on just how to get rid of want you don't need to make room for your best self and a life you love!


Share your burning, burial, or candlelighting experience on the blog or comments section of this video! 

Thanks to ALL OF YOU for the best year to date! It is an extraordinary gift to live my dream by working with all of you!

Abundance for the win!

Well folks, this is it! The last video in our Holiday Survival Series! But the great news is that if you're reading this...you survived!!! Congrats on making it to the home strech of the holidays. Wrap up your holiday season this week by enjoying the greatest gift- all that you already have!

Most of us live from a place of scarcity and not having/being enough the majority of our days. But that can be different.

This week's video will show you how to stop, drop, and find all the abundance in your life.

So take off your abundance blinders and bask in all that you do have right now!


Did you share it? With whom? Did that start a movement (or even a small ripple) with others in your world? Don't be shy, share it with us on the blog or the comments section of the video!

Don't forget- stay tuned for our New Years series starting next week!

Happy holidays to all of you! Thanks for watching this series, and know that I am so thankful for all of you!

The celebration of dedication


Happy Holiday Survival Series! Week 5 is all about an alternative meaning of Hanukkah you might not be familiar with - the Feast of Dedication. This got me thinking, "what am I really dedicated to?"

If you're like me, you can list off a ton of things your dedicated to - from your partner to your pet.

But when is the last time you really made good on your dedication? I mean, really showed how dedicated you are to this person or thing?

I start getting overwhelmed during the holidays because I have to go to so many parties, events, and dinners for things I'm dedicated to!

....And then I want to do just the opposite and hide in my house by myself!

Watch this week's video to learn how to avoid the overwhelm and dedicate yourself to 1 thing at a time!


Tells us all about the ones you're most dedicated to! Head on over to the blog or the comments section of the video to share your stories and feedback there!

End Your Family Feuds


Welcome back to the Holiday Survival Series! This week's video is centered on family. And if you have a family - or any close group of friends similar to one- you know that that holidays can bring a lot of challenges and awkward moments. If you're not careful, those awkward moments can lead to disappointment and strife for years to come.

This week's video gives you the tools your need to avoid disappointment, missed expectations, and displaced anger. Because that is a triad I'm not interested in experiencing!

Use these tools to guarantee a smoother holiday season and let "F" stand for family and not for feud.

Watch this week's video to unlock the key to feud-free family functions! Say that fast 3 times!


Attending any holiday parties or functions this week? Use these same skills in the office too! Coworkers are our "work family" and are prone to the same issues!

Thinking about using these tips? Don't think any longer- do it and write about it! Head on over to the blog to tell us how it went! Leave your comments, stories, and feedback there!

Unexpected lessons in gratefulness


Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you're traveling around to see family or staying home to chow down, this week is a great time to slow down and get grateful! In the second week of the Holiday Survival Series, I get into the nitty gritty of gratefulness....and it's not what you're expecting!

Forget those basic lists of what you're grateful for, I want to know what makes you tick and who gets under your skin. Why? Because it's the things and people that unsettle us that serve as our greatest gift!

This week's video teaches you how to spot your greatest teachers, and what you can learn about yourself from them!

Watch this week's video to master the art of making friends your enemy and learning lessons of gratefulness from those unexpected teachers.


I hope you have a greatThanksgiving- wherever you may be! Stay present and grateful and enjoy this holiday!

How did you use these tips? Head on over to the blog to tell us how it went! Leave your comments, stories, and feedback there!

3 tips for Holiday Survival


It's the most wonderful time of the year, right?! Cue the music and holiday jingles! But it doesn't always feel like the most wonderful time, does it? Something happens between the holiday's intended effect and how you actually feel.

Today’s video is intended to help you manage the little things that come up so that they don’t become big things that stop you from being present and getting the most out of this holiday season.

And since it's the first week in our Holiday Survival Series, there will be plenty more where this came from in the coming weeks!

Watch this week's video for 3 tips on family, food, and Holiday stress!

 [Watch: http://youtu.be/PQFXrN4sEsk]

I’m definitely looking forward to this first upcoming holiday-Thanksgiving- and will be using these tips myself to stay present enjoy the people around me!

How did you use these tips? Head on over to the blog to tell us how it went! Leave your comments, stories, and feedback there!

Achievement vs. Disappointment- You choose!


Have you started the Deepak 21-day meditation series on the Energy of Attraction? Following this link to get signed up! It started on last week, so you’re not too far behind. Along with this challenge to meditate daily, I’m also challenging myself to a 6am wake up call to exercise. I know these daily habits will make me more effective and happy.

Have you ever tried to start a new habit, or had a goal you’re pursuing? Can you count on two hands the number of times you’ve made a goal…. but it fell through?

There’s no need to be ashamed of this, because we’ve all been there.

The real question is “why” – why do we all experience this? Why are we successful with some of our goals and things we set out to do, and not with others?

The answer is – there are many of reasons why! But here are few key reasons that separate goal achievement from goal disappointment:

[watch: http://youtu.be/g-fOnuVIGtY]

  • Pencil in your dreams- we make time for all sorts of less important things. Make sure you schedule time to work towards your personal dreams and goals
  • Don’t cancel on yourself- No one likes to be stood up, so quit doing it to yourself!
  • Strategize for success- Make a plan to ensure obstacles don’t stop you from working towards your goals
  • Sacrifice- If you’re trying to make room for something new in your life, then something needs to go! What are you going to get rid of?
  • Stop hoping- Saying “I sure hope it can find the time for my goal” is a sure bet that you won’t. Stop acting like you don’t have control over this. You do.

Watch this week's video to find out more details on increasing your success rate. Are you serious about a goal or a dream? Prove it to yourself by following these steps to ensure achievement of what you set out to do.

Ready to try it out? Head on over to the blog to tell us how it went! Leave your comments, stories, and feedback there!