Emotional Inventory


It's a very simple exercise. Yet I guarantee most of you won't be able to do it.

Up for the challenge?

Track your emotions for 7 days.

Yes, the exercise is that simple. So why don't I think most of you can do it?

Because it's going to feel uncomfortable, increase your awareness, and challenge the way your see yourself.

And doing those things are hard!

But there's even more to be gained from doing this exercise...

If I had done this exercise a year ago, I would have been waaaay more challenged. That's because a year ago I equated my value to things that could be measured; such as how much money I was making, how busy I was, and what I was achieving. 

And all of these things are associated with DOING.

So, when I felt I wasn't "measuring up" my emotions would include: frustration, anger, sadness, disappointment, and not feeling good about myself in general.

This all changed when I got pregnant.

My swelling belly took away my body's energy to DO, DO, DO.

I had a choice. I could feel crappy about not accomplishing as much as I used to. Or I could value just BEING.

When we allow ourselves to just be, without judgement and with self-compassion, we make it ok for ourselves to do a little less.

So when I did my emotional inventory, good stuff came up for me because I have made it ok to just BE, and not judge myself based on my achievements.


Track your emotions for 7 days.

See what comes up for you.

If it's a lot of negativity, explore why? and where it's coming from? If it's positive, congrats on having BEING balance!

Happy emoting :)





Purpose vs. Passion


Ever fall victim to any of these headlines?

Find your passion!

Live your passion!

Passion is the secret ingredient to all happiness!

If you have, you're not alone. Hundreds of self-help books and gurus use the promise of passion to answer their clients' burning questions of how to find true happiness and fulfillment in their lives. 

Do I believe in passion and its influence on happiness?

Yes, but...

Passion isn't just something you find. It's falsely packaged as a thing you can pick up on aisle 7. This is why people are made to feel so foolish for not having a passion. Passion is created.


Purpose is the underpinning of passion. Research and experience has shown us that the happiest people are those that feel they are fulfilling their purpose in life. And they've found you can do this in several ways!

Watch this week's video to learn how to align with your PURPOSE in order to create PASSION in your life!


That's garbage!


You've read the books, and you've attended the seminars.

You know what it takes to stay relevant in the business world today. And that's to create content.

Yet, when it comes time to set down and write that tweet, or outline that newsletter, you freeze. Your mind goes blank, feel you have nothing important to say, and so you do nothing.

There are plenty of ways we justify this in our minds:

"I'm too busy for social media."
"The right people already know about our company and what we do."
"I don't have anything worth saying."

None of these are true. And frankly, none of these really matter.

Several writers and great content-pushers of our day have been interviewed saying, "Luckily, inspiration strikes me every morning at 9am." .... Which is exactly the time they sit down to create everyday!

That is NOT a coincidence. They make a HABIT out of it. They commit to it, and they follow through. 

Seth Godin - a renown marketing guru and author - has a famous blog. And how often do you think he writes for that blog? 

Seth writes 5 articles EACH DAY! And only publishes 1 of them. Seth is willing to create garbage.

That's right, a best-selling author and master creator creates garbage. He simply is not afraid of it. And neither should you.

We all have fears that pop up when we consider creating something and sharing it with the world. But if those fears are STOPPING you from creating altogether, then I'm giving you permission to create garbage!

Watch this week's video for more fun on creating garbage along the way:


Your greatest challenge yet


You do so much. 

You manage your career, take care of your family, and try to better yourself. Yet there are times when all of that doesn't feel like enough!

It's that gnawing feeling of "I know I can do better. If I just....." fill in the blank with the problem of your choice! 

In most aspects of your life, this relentless pursuit of excellence is a good thing. Society rewards you for it.

But what happens when it doesn't serve you? When it burns you out? When you wish you could just stop sometimes?

I want to offer you the greatest challenge yet! ...to just be. Can you do it?

Watch this week's video to see if your up for the challenge!


Share Your Scary


How often do you put on a pretty front? And how often do you let people know your truth?

It is SCARY to let people in on the less refined version of ourselves. But you know what? People love it! It makes you more human and relatable.

Watch this week's video to find the courage and opportunities to share your scary!

[HINT] I think you'll find that what you want to share is actually not that scary to people :)


What will you create in 2016?

Still struggling to get over that holiday hangover? You know, the one from too much sugar, lounging around, and being off your routine?

Get off to a better start for 2016 by taking action now!

Ready to set your vision for 2016? Check out my past video for a new take on goal setting before you get started. 



Looking for different results than you've previously had? Then you need to do something different! Start by looking at the way you set goals here:

Do your goals or resolutions looks something like this?

- Make more money

- Save more money

- Lose weight

Then it's time to start thinking differently! Want to set a vision for 2016 that will actually make you HAPPY and FULFILLED? Watch the TED Talk below that describes a Harvard study on what really makes people happy in the long run. 

{HINT: It's not fame or fortune! It's good relationships}


Reflect on it!

This week, I don't want to hear from you! This week is about reflection and creation. It requires a different kind of head space to get really honest with yourself about your past year, and what you truly want to create for 2016.

Give yourself that space and time to explore what's there for you. Share when you're really ready to. 

What else?

Work with me  I'm only taking 10 one-on-one clients for 2016. This allows me to give even more to my clients for their greater results. I want to help you create real transformation. Find out if working with me is right for YOU! Email at brittany@brittanydrozd.com.

You can create your legacy and live a life you love!

What's your money story?

We've all got one. You've got one. I've got one.

A what???

A money story.

You're probably not even conscious of it. But it's behind everything!

- Your self worth

- Your perceived value

- What you think your salary should be

- How much wealth you should acquire

- How much money you should invest in yourself. 

So whenever you feel you're "not where you want to be" when it comes to any of the above money issues, you need to examine your money story.

Watch this week's video to learn how your money story is stopping you from creating the legacy and impact you really want to have on the world!



Share Share Share!

I want to hear your money stories! I know it's weird to talk about money, but it's actually what will rid you of the shame. Share your money story to overcome it in the comments section of this video!

Why you should unsubscribe now

Happy Tuesday!

Do you know why I send emails out on Tuesdays? I never thought you'd ask! Market research companies have found that Tuesday is the best chance of getting your email opened by a customer! Hurray!!!

But who cares  about open rates if your not sending your people anything of value or positively impacting their lives!

So I BEG you... Please unsubscribe if you feel these emails aren't giving you any value or positively impacting your life! Because that's my goal! Not open rates.

I absolutely love my tribe on here, but I only want you here if it feels good for you! 

Watch this week's video to use the "unsubscribe rule" in more areas of your life!

Business Group Coaching

This group will be closed at the end of November until June 2016. This will allow the group to grow together and not waste time repeating things.

If you were on the fence or thinking about joining, this is your chance to call me for an interview. But don't let that scare you off! I'll be nice about it :)

You sound like Donald Trump!

If you've watched the news lately or listened to any radio programs, you've likely heard about what this guy is up to! Or what he's been saying!

Like him or not, Donald Trump has a lot to say! Recently, some of my favorites are..

"The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese."

"I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall.."

And my personal favorite:

"All the women on The Apprentice flirted with me - consciously or unconsciously. That's to be expected." 


Why you sound the same

Donald Trump just spouts off without any clear or consistent message.

Donald complains.

Donald yells his words because his message is weak.


YOUR message is weak when you've stopped taking care of yourself, stopped striving for your dreams, and stopped taking control in your life.

Sounding like The Donald is a result of not taking action in your life...

But I can help you with that!!

On September 23rd at 1pm, join me for a LIVE call! I'll be getting into the nitty-gritty of why you're stuck, and how to STOP talking like Donald Trump!






What are you doing Sept 23rd?


Obviously you'll be joining the telesummit I'm hosting! Did you watch the video yet? Do that, and sign up here!

the most important video I've ever made

I want to keep this short and to the point. 

This week's video is unlike any video I've ever made before. I've never shared anything like this. But it's definitely the most important video I've ever made.


You've been working tremendously hard towards your goals, but you're not getting there. You're not making much progress.

I want to help you overcome all of that. 

I see your patterns, I hear your fears, and I've felt your deepest struggles. 


So what are you working towards?

This week's video not only shows you how to start making REAL progress towards your REAL goals, it invites you to have a deeper conversation....

On September 23rd at 1pm, join me for a LIVE call! I'll be getting into the nitty-gritty of why you're stuck, and how to change that so you can create your legacy!

Sign up right here: 


What are you doing Sept 23rd?

Obviously you'll be joining the telesummit I'm hosting! Did you watch the video yet? Do that, and sign up here!

Could a KISS solve your communication problems?

Do you ever feel stuck with fear when you need to deliver a difficult message?

Like you'd rather run away screaming like a baby than face this conversation?

If you're nodding yes, then you'll love this week's video!

Even if you have expert-level communication skills, this is a simple strategy you're probably not using. I communicate for a living and I still forget this strategy at times.

Too timid for tough converstaions? Don't be scared, this strategy involves a KISS!

Watch this week's video to conquer your communication fears with a KISS!



Share your experience

Did you try out the KISS method? Or used it before? How did it get you better results? Share it in the comments section of this video. Remember, your experiences can be other's gains, so share away!

Celebrate with me!

I'm taking my own advice from last week, and finding more ways to celebrate the small and big accomplishments, the things I love to do, and the way I love to feel!

On Saturday, April 18th, I presented at the Lady Project Summit {their annual amazing conference for ambition, leadership, and celebrating great women}. Lady project is one of my favorite organizations for the inspiring women I always meet at their events!

Not only did I have an amazing time and learn so much, but I got to share some of my favorite material with motivated ladies! 

Why is this a cause for celebration?

Workshops are part of my goals for 2015, I worked really hard to deliver a great workshop, and ... I got really nervous for this, but came out alive!

So with all the pressure I put on myself to achieve this, I think celebrations are in order!

Here are a few reasons I think you should celebrate too:

It's spring! 

Weather is heating up

Flowers are popping

Because why not?!

With all the time we seem to spend worrying, waiting, and wishing we need to find time to celebrate what's here and now!

I hope you can find something you're proud of achieving or being a part of over the past week. Celebrate yourself and share it with others! 

Vlogging while driving

I have no idea what prompted me to do this.... but I did it! My first video while driving!

Is that an accomplishment or milestone? I don't know. But since you mentioned it...

Achievement, accomplishments, and goals are the driving force in so many of our lives. And if we're really "driven" we've set goals, outlined a strategy for acheivement, and keep our nose to the grindstone until we get there!

But have you ever wondered what you're missing with your nose on that grindstone all the time?

You've missed being.....celebrating.....observing.

These are just as important as doing and achieving! 

Watch this week's video to find out why - and how you can create this balance in your own life!


Have any revelations while you watched this video??! I knew you would! Share Share Share away in the comments section of this video! 

3 tips on how to quiet your business brain


Ever have a super stressful week/month/quarter at work, and find that it's impacting your sleep? You're not alone!

Not cool, right?!

It seems like there's nothing worse than a long, stressful day at work and not even getting sleep at the end of it!

This week's video is the brainchild of one of our very own viewers! And I know he's not alone in his struggle to "let it go" at the end of the work day. 

Whether you're a solopreneur, executive, or just care about your job, we can all get swept up by work stress.

Want to let it go and get a good night's sleep?

Watch the video to get these 3 tips and find out what's behind ALL the stress to begin with! 


HEY!! Like this video? Find the content relatable? That's because it came from a viewer like you! Now, I want YOU to send your questions and feedback to me at Brittany@BrittanyDrozd.com to have all your questions answer via video blog!


How to increase your focus by doing exactly what you want

You know those days when you have a to-do list a mile long, but you can't seem to muster up the focus to actually sit down and do it? Yeah, that happens to me often! I used to think it's because I wasn't smart enough or discplined enough to be successful. So I would just cram more and more stuff onto that list, thinking "now I absolutely have to focus and complete this to-do list!"

I'm sure you can guess what happened... I still could barely sit down and focus on what needed to be done.

Then I made this POWERFUL correlation: the more tasks I added to my to-do list, the more I felt like I was drowning in work, and the less I felt like sitting down to do it.

When I feel like I'm buried in work, I become angry and resentful. "It's not supposed to be this way," I think. And once I reach that mindset, work becomes impossible!

Then came winter storm Juno.

My first thought was "great, now I can do all the work I seem to never get to."

Then, 20 minutes later, "I can't focus!!!!!"

So, I threw in the towel. Not what you expected me to say right? Here's why:

Sometimes, we just need to play!

Most days we work, work, work; keeping our heads down and closed to awesome opportunities for joy and happiness. But what's all that work for if there's no pleasure at the end of the tunnel?

And when you're feeling stuck, don't wait for that end of the tunnel to come to you! Give yourself time to play now! I guarantee it will renew your batteries and rejuvenate your spirit! And that may be just what you need to get your work done!

So, needless to say, this week I chose to play in the snow with friends and go sledding instead of making my weekly Vlog. I hope you find time to play too!

How did you play on your snow day? Share your favorite snow day traditions and pictures on the blog!

Truth! You can't handle the truth!


Do you ever feel like you're fooling yourself into believing your happy with the way things are in your life? Or make judgments of others to elevate yourself? Our brains have a funny way of tricking us into believing the BS we sometimes feed ourselves. Such as:

- I can't find anyone I like

- I don't know why I'm not getting healthier

- I'm stuck in a life I don't love

None of these things are true. But you tell yourself these false statments in order to avoid what you really need to do - speak your truth. Your Truth knows that you're not being honest with yourself about these issues. And if you were, the answers would come to you. You would know what you need to do to change it!

Satya, a part of yoga beyond the poses, encourages you to examine your truth and live it!

Watch this week's video as Elizabeth Guardia and I describe how you can find your truth and put it into action now!


So, do you have a story of when you got in touch with your truth, and it changed your life? Well don't be greedy and keep that all to yourself! Share your strategies with the rest of us in the comments section or on the blog! 

Put more soul in your goals for 2015


Now that the hype of New Year's is upon us, you will feel pressured into a New Year's resolution or goal of some kind. But the problem with that is if it doesn't come from your soul - the place of your truth and knowing - then it's not going to last long.

When you make resolutions from you head, that's just where they stay - in your head! Think about it. A goal of eating more vegetables, exercising more, or losing weight is not something you feel in your soul!

A re-soul-ution looks at the bigger picture: Who do you want to become? How do you want your life to look? Those are the questions that re-soul-utions are born out of!

How will you go all in and trust yourself with a re-soul-ution this year?

Watch this week's video to create your own re-soul-ution now!


I've been receiving awesome feeback and questions from you guys to my inbox. But I'd love it even more if we can create a powerful conversation in the comments section of this video! Share your love there :) Pretty please!

How to make room for success in 2015


Happy New Year's Eve! In a few hours we will all pull the curtain on 2014. While most people have already started looking forward to 2015, I urge you to first take time to reflect on 2014 in order to start 2015 from the best place possible.

What do I mean reflect?

- Reflect on your greatest accomplishments and times of growth.

- Reflect on what and who has served you well this year.

- And reflect on the things that didn't serve you as well.

Then... get rid of those things that didn't serve you!

You have to make room in your life for what you want by first getting rid of what you don't need!


Watch this week's video on just how to get rid of want you don't need to make room for your best self and a life you love!


Share your burning, burial, or candlelighting experience on the blog or comments section of this video! 

Thanks to ALL OF YOU for the best year to date! It is an extraordinary gift to live my dream by working with all of you!

Abundance for the win!

Well folks, this is it! The last video in our Holiday Survival Series! But the great news is that if you're reading this...you survived!!! Congrats on making it to the home strech of the holidays. Wrap up your holiday season this week by enjoying the greatest gift- all that you already have!

Most of us live from a place of scarcity and not having/being enough the majority of our days. But that can be different.

This week's video will show you how to stop, drop, and find all the abundance in your life.

So take off your abundance blinders and bask in all that you do have right now!


Did you share it? With whom? Did that start a movement (or even a small ripple) with others in your world? Don't be shy, share it with us on the blog or the comments section of the video!

Don't forget- stay tuned for our New Years series starting next week!

Happy holidays to all of you! Thanks for watching this series, and know that I am so thankful for all of you!

End Your Family Feuds


Welcome back to the Holiday Survival Series! This week's video is centered on family. And if you have a family - or any close group of friends similar to one- you know that that holidays can bring a lot of challenges and awkward moments. If you're not careful, those awkward moments can lead to disappointment and strife for years to come.

This week's video gives you the tools your need to avoid disappointment, missed expectations, and displaced anger. Because that is a triad I'm not interested in experiencing!

Use these tools to guarantee a smoother holiday season and let "F" stand for family and not for feud.

Watch this week's video to unlock the key to feud-free family functions! Say that fast 3 times!


Attending any holiday parties or functions this week? Use these same skills in the office too! Coworkers are our "work family" and are prone to the same issues!

Thinking about using these tips? Don't think any longer- do it and write about it! Head on over to the blog to tell us how it went! Leave your comments, stories, and feedback there!