Marie Forleo

Are you an RPP?


Are you a Really Productive Person? Do you wake up with the drive and clarity to get things done? No? It's okay, there's still hope for you :)

This video lists four tips that can increase your productivity, focus, and desire to get things done! And I couldn't say this any better than Marie Forleo did. Here are her four tips:

- Love time! Don't hate it! Or you will surely dread it. Put a positive frame on time to make for a positive use of time.

- Have a morning routine: this ensures you kick to day off right. Eat a power breakfast, walk, read the paper, then take on your day!

- Exercise daily: it leads to increased focus and energy!!

- Don't break an appointment with yourself: I know you've heard me say this before! You are just as important as anyone else you schedule in your appointment book. So don't stand yourself up!

Which of these tips do you find most helpful? What methods are you already using to increase your productivity? Share your secrets in the comments below!

Turning Pro in Your Life


Turning Pro in Your Life Do you have a hobby or business idea that is spot on, but you're not sure what to do about it? How to turn it into a business? How to live your dream full time?

You need to treat your ideas and dreams with as much intention and vigor as you would your professional career! Watch business coach Marie Forleo's interview on how to Turn Pro by making your dreams your reality!