What men need to live a happy life

What men need to live a happy life Here it is... all the secrets you're looking for to obtain fulfillment, control, and clarity in your life. Yeah right, I wish it were that easy too! But this article on Harvard University's 75-year longitudinal study does reveal some interesting correlations between men's happiness and their lifestyle choices.

Here are a few of their findings:

- A man's IQ does not determine his earning capacity over the lifetime

- Alcoholism is detrimental any way you spin it- to your health, relationships, and cognitive functioning

- Men who were Liberals had more vibrant sex lives well into old age versus conservatives. This is fascinating!

- There is a powerful correlation between the warmth in your relationships and health and happiness in your later years. So start hugging it out!

Read the full article now to learn more about the changes you can make today for a long and happy life.

What changes are you most likely to make? What are your priorities? Share your choices below in the comments section!