FB Live - more details about PRACTICE SUCCESS

Thanks to those of you who took the  time to ask about my upcoming coaching group I shared last week!

Here are the 2 pieces of feedback I heard from you:

- I don't want to seem greedy for wanting to make money.... but I still want to make money

- Want is an ideal client? Aren't all clients ideal?

Watch the video to hear my answers!

Are you a therapist? Do you know a therapist?

The group begins October 10th. Interviews begin in September. Email me for details brittany@brittanydrozd.com

I'm in love with my business. Here's why

Are we Facebook friends?  That's ok, we don't have to be! I don't want to see 1309254 pics of your dog anyway! lol. 

But you should "like" my business page on Facebook please! That's where I'm doing all my new vlogs. 

Here's my latest video sharing the launch of my new coaching group EXCLUSIVELY for therapists. 

Not a therapist? Don't worry :) I'm opening up a second group for entrepreneurs and leaders in the fall as well! More to details to come!

No, this is not a dream

My Facebook feed is full of people promising me my "Dream Life" and that I "can have it all" in a few short months. 

Do you think I'm dumb? Do you think I believe that sh*t your selling?

It's not that I think all the people promising these results are liars. I think they have good intentions and they want to help others. However, the problem with good intentions.... is that they paved the path to hell.

You're doing it wrong.

If you think someone else can create your dream life for you, you're doing it wrong. If you feel like your dream life is totally unattainable, you're also doing it wrong. And if you think nothing about your current life is dreamy, you're really doing it wrong.

Watch my Facebook live video to see what you DIDN'T know about your own life:

What aren't you seeing?

A fish does not see the water. 

Is this true? If you've been immersed in something for so long (or forever), and it's all you know, can you see it?

I read this recently in The Untethered Soul. The author was illustrating the pervasiveness of our racing thoughts and constant assessment of how we measure up against others. His point was this:

You can’t change for the better - think better, perform better, have better relationships - if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong.
— (Brittany interpreting author's message)

What's your version of the fish's water?

What can't you see about yourself, or what you're doing, that would make all the difference in your life? What's do you everyday, that if you adjusted, would dramatically change the outcomes in your life?

Here's what I think on about that:

I recently did a radio interview, and I touched on this very subject. Listen to it here: https://empireradionow.com/brittany-drozd-6-17-17-coaching-chris/


Hear me LIVE on the radio

Do you ever get calls from random places in the US to your cell phone? Why is Lexington, Kentucky calling me??! 

Don't ask me why, but I answered one of these random calls, and I'm glad I did. 

It was a radio host that does segments on improving your lifestyle. They want to me come on the show THIS SATURDAY at 10:50am and share about what I do!

Here the show online:


I can't wait to share what I do with a larger audience. I'd love to hear your feedback too!

Reflection that works

When you barely have time to do life, how are you ever going to find time to reflect on the life you do have?

No, this is not a trick question. 

Over the past year, I've used reflection as a tool to actually save more time and become more effective at the things I do.

And not because it's a race, but because doing things I love makes me happy! 

Here's a bit about my experience with reflection and how you can use it too:

I hate that shit

Sometimes I get awful emails about how to grow my business. They promise to tell me why I’m not attracting the clients I want, and why I’m not making 10x the amount of money I should be. 

And to be honest, sometimes I’m kind of intrigued. Sometimes I think, “oh yeah? Maybe I should have tons of clients and 10x more money!”

If I’m hooked enough, I’ll go one step further and click on their “freebie” or video that will tell me how to get rich tomorrow. 

But I’m never surprised when it takes me to an empty promise of marketing tactics and ploys to “lure people in”. Or tells me that I need to create an online course to sell to hundreds of people offering some generic approach to solving their problems.

I hate that shit.

The idea of selling someone something they don’t need is gross. The idea of luring someone anywhere, or tricking them into buying something just sucks. Even worse: pitching an online course about how to make 6 or 7 figures in your business is just plain obnoxious.

I’m a great coach. And I don’t need thousands of followers or millions of dollars to prove it. 

That’s exactly why I don’t fall for the empty promises being offered to me daily by emails and Facebook ads.

I offer the opposite of a course that will work for everyone. I offer solutions that will only work for you. 

I used to feel that I wasn’t dreaming big enough. That I needed some lofty goal of selling a book or making a million dollars in order to prove I was making an impact or great at what I do. 

Now, I understand that size of the dream or life you want to create is not important. It’s about creating something that is true to you:

  • a life aligned with your values
  • a life that serves you
  • a life that creates the legacy you dreamed of 

For me, that’s not an online course selling generic dreams and empty promises. It’s doing what I do best: serving the person right in front of me more powerfully than they could imagine.

  • What are you focusing on or reaching for that isn’t true to you? 
  • What do you keep striving for that isn’t happening?
  • What if you stopped “dreaming big” and dreamed just right for you instead?

It really is that easy

My clients have big, complex problems. And they're always surprised when I offer up an easy, obvious, or basic solution.

Client: "Really? That's it? It's that easy?!"

Me: "Yes, it really is that easy."

People don't believe me at first because they think the answer they need is super complicated, or really difficult. They don't believe that the easy answer will solve their issue because what would that say about them? They're stupid, they didn't try the obvious thing, or they're incapable of managing their own problems (*** I don't believe my clients are any of those things, but we all make up stories about ourselves).

Some of my best suggestions:

- Have you tried asking them that?

- Have you said it to them the same way you said just it to me?

- Have you shared what you want?

We overlook "easy" because it seems obvious. But we don't even try the "easy" or "obvious" options because we want to believe we're more complicated or a bigger deal than that. If you're really invested in finding a solution, don't over think it. Don't make it more complicated than it is. Think of what a 5 year-old would do in this situation!

From my experience, the most effective solutions really are that easy. They get to the crux of the problem and address it directly and succinctly. 

What issue is plaguing you? What are you stuck on right now?

What easy solution might owrk for you?



The cost of your life

I was recently met with a dilemma. A new potential client had called to make an appointment for a consultation with me. This type of opportunity usually fills me with excitement and possibility. But this conversation was different. It took a turn. Here’s why:

As we combed over each other’s schedules in attempts to make a 2-hour appointment for an initial conversation, it became obvious that our availability wasn’t matching up. The client suggested that they would really like to meet on a Thursday morning. I said, “I don’t work on Thursdays.” But he was persistent. And he said all the right things; “I really want to work with you.” “I’ve heard great things about you.” “This would be the best day/time for me.” 

Serving my clients runs deep in my veins. I love to over-deliver, I love to create an absolutely remarkable experience for my clients. And I hate to disappoint. But at this moment with this client, it was a high-stakes decision: Make it easy for the client and give them an appointment they want, or live my ideal life.

Sounds dramatic, right? Decisions like this are dramatic, and should be treated that way. 

My ideal life is staying home with my daughter on Thursdays. So if I agree to make that appointment with the new client on Thursday, the cost is my ideal life.

Too often we miscalculate the cost of our decisions. Or we justify it as “only one time” or “not a big deal”, but our gut tells us it’s not ideal, or even wrong to move forward with it.

So why do it? 

To an outsider, the decision I was faced with seems easy - don’t agree to the Thursday appointment if my priority is to spend time with my daughter. 

But our judgment gets clouded, and for me it was clouded by another priority of mine - to serve my clients. Other reasons we get clouded are to be liked by others or to please others.

So are you willing to trade your ideal life just to please someone else? 

What if I told you you’re likely already doing it?

You do it in the decisions you make. You trade a bit of your ideal life here and there everyday. 

My thoughts…. You’re ideal life isn’t so ideal if you’re willing to give it up so easily. Or you have no idea you’re giving it away. Either way, time to make a change.

PS- wondering what decision I made with the client? I chose not to meet with them. The cost was too high. I perseverated on it afterward for a few hours second guessing my decision. But when Thursday came around, I knew I had made the right decision for me.

Showing up is half the battle

Over past year, my husband and I remodeled our master bathroom. I know you have 2 questions:

1. You {Brittany} remodeled a bathroom?

2. Why did it take a year?

To answer your first question - no, I did not personally remodel the bathroom. It's important to know what your skills are, and what they're not. Construction is not one of my most developed skill sets.

I'm a big believer in outsourcing to experts for tasks I'm not an expert in. So when you need plumbing, hire a plumber. When you need your taxes completed, hire an accountant. Etcetera, etcetera. However, there's an important distinction between an expert and a professional. Which brings me to question #2.


An expert is someone who's perfected their craft, who's knowledgeable in their field, and who is considered one of the best technicians in their industry. 

A professional is someone who gets paid for their work, does not treat their job like a hobby, and who's reputation precedes them.

You can be the best expert out there, but if you're not a professional, you're not getting the job!

My bathroom took 1 year to remodel because it was very difficult to find professionals for the job. There were plenty of people who claimed they had the skills to do the plumbing, tiling, and electric work. But not many had this professional skill:


I usually pursue several bids before signing contracts to ensure I'm getting the right contractor for the job. However, I decided to work with our plumbers because they should up when they said they would. They were the only company that did so!

This may sound like a low standard, but you wouldn't believe how many companies couldn't even get this right!

Whether you're in business for yourself, are a leader at an organization, or just want a good reputation in your community...SHOW UP: on time, in a professional manner, and keep your word. This goes a long way with potential customers, friends, and colleagues.

How to teach others when you're still learning

I’ve met and coached so many people who thought they weren’t ready. They feel they haven’t learned enough, don’t have enough certifications, or don’t feel skilled enough to teach others.

I’ve been there myself too, thinking “Who am I to help others?”, “What do I know?”, “Why would someone even listen to me?!” 

But this mindset and questioning can all be boiled down to one thing: fear.

One of my favorite quotes illustrates this point perfectly:

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure” - Paulo Coelho

If teaching/coaching/facilitating/leading ANYTHING is your dream, why aren’t you doing it? 

If, when you ask yourself that question, reasons why you’re not prepared or good enough or any other reason comes up at all, call it out. Call out the fear. Name it. If you don’t identify fear, then you certainly can’t work on it. So first name it, then do it anyway!

What’s the next step?

You conquered your fear. Now you’re teaching others. But you’re still on the path to self-development yourself?

Quick! Run for the hills before anyone finds out your a fraud! Just kidding! But not about the fraud part. There are days when I still feel like a fraud. When I feel like I don’t have the answers my clients are coming to me for. Or that I don’t practice what I preach. 

What can you do about it? 

Tell your clients the truth. Tell everyone the truth, actually. Instead of coming up with a BS answer or pretending that I know something I don’t, I just tell my clients the truth. “I don’t have an answer for that” or “that’s something I’m still working on myself.”

I’m the best teacher BECAUSE I’m still learning, not in spite of it.

The most insightful coaching sessions I have with clients are the ones in which I bare my truth and get vulnerable about myself. And my truth is that I don’t have all the answers. 

If you’re in the position to be teaching/coaching/leading someone, that’s a huge responsibility. Treat it as such by giving the client what they really need - an honest answer, and a connection. Your clients don’t need you to be all knowing, they need you to be real. 

How can you get real?

One of my favorite methods in sharing my truth and getting vulnerable with people is completing this sentence:

“What I don’t want you to know about me it…”

Here are some examples you could use in the moment:

“… I don’t have the answer to that.”

“… I’m still trying to figure that out myself.”

“… I’m nervous you’ll judge me for not having the answer.”

“… I feel I’ve let you done by not having the answer.”

“… I’ve made that same mistake too.”

“… I’m not perfect.”

Every time I’ve taken a risk by getting real and using this tool, the results have surprised me in a positive way. Bottom line: never let fear stop you from doing something you love. Harness it to create greater connections.

How sharp is your mind?

It's early morning midweek. From the moment you wake up, your mind starts spinning.

"What do I need to do to get ready for the day?" "Who's taking the kids to school?" "What appointments do I have?" "What needs to be done immediately?"

Our minds are racing from the moment we awake until the moment we fall asleep again. Of course there may be moments in the middle where you're able to find calm and create focus, but it's usually not the majority state of our mind. 

But what if it could be?

Meditation is cited over and over again as the #1 tool high performers use to create focus, which leads to action, and ultimately fulfillment in their lives.

Meditating in the morning allows you to see - clearly - what's important, what can wait, and where to start. It clears out the clutter. It calms the mind. It creates options where things previously felt overwhelming. 

Try it for yourself. Meditate for 10 minutes a day. Give yourself 7 days before you try measuring the results. 

And if your first response to this is, "I don't have 10 minutes a day" then I have this to say to you:

"If you don't have 10 minutes, then you don't have a life." Tony Robbins

Need help?

These apps can set the tone, time, and mood for your daily meditation: 

- Headspace

- Calm

Make it your own! Mediation doesn't have to look like an ultra-spiritual quest. Pick up a book and read for 10 minutes, go for a walk outside, or tell 3 people you're grateful for them!

Happy meditating! 

Why you're not making more money

I love when themes show up in my work. It shows me where to put my focus and what my clients need. The theme over the last few weeks has been money.

Coming off of January (the goal-setting month), people are hyper-focused on hitting their new metrics and sticking to their new habits. But this ultimately is a distraction and creates an illusion from what's really important.

If you want to make more money (most people's goal), don't focus on the money.

This may seem counterintuitive, but hear me out...

The law of attraction would tell you to focus on what you want and you will pull it towards you. But I don't believe that, especially in regards to money.

Money is a currency of performance. It's an indicator of a job well done. It's feedback on how you're doing.

Therefore, money is the result. It's the effect. But in order to influence the end result, you have to manipulate the process, i.e. your service or product.

Instead of asking yourself, "how can I make more money?" ask, "how can I add more value?"

If you focus on the value, money will come as a result. Here are some basic ways to add more value today:

- a hand written card

- a follow up email or call about their experience with you/your product

- a gift

- sharing an article/book specifically catered for that customer's needs.

Have you focused on adding value to your business? What happened? What changed for you?

Why I don't make resolutions

Happy New Year! 

This might surprise you, but I don't make resolutions. I rarely even set goals.

The problem is that resolutions and goals are small-minded and singularly focused.

If achieving something or changing something about your life was that important, why the hell did you what until January 1, 2017 to do something about it?!

I like to play a bigger game than resolutions and goals.  I play with vision.

A vision elicits imagery of actions. Something actually playing itself out. It's the melding of feelings, relationships, behaviors, and their outcomes. It's ALL the goals playing themselves out. It's a preview of what your life WILL be like.

I want to share something deeply personal with you - a piece of my vision.

The audio segment below is from a coaching call in which I was responding to another participant. It describes my personals experiences, how I want to impact the world, and the legacy that would create. 

What does this have to do with New Years and resolutions?

I want to challenge you to go deeper.

Go deeper than your goal to "get healthy". What does that mean? Why do you want to get healthy? What do you fear about being unhealthy?

Go deeper than your goal to make more money. Why do you think you want more money? Because it will make you happy? Find out what actually makes you happy instead.

Go deeper than your goal to do community service work. Figure out how you can really serve the world - by sharing your true gifts. The one you're too afraid to share.

Underneath you goals and resolutions you'll find truer intentions and more meaningful actions to get you there. 

What's your vision for 2017?

Tough conversations

I hope you had a great and stress-free holiday with your family and/or loved ones!

I just spent the week with my family, and one thing I know for sure is family is complicated. 

What I don't want you to know about me is that I'm having difficulty with one of my family members. 

I help people work on their relationships for a living, but I still struggle with some of my own. This struggle makes me human.

But it feels particularly challenging because I think I'm "not allowed to have these struggles". I got that idea from thinking I should be the master of relationships in order to coach others on their relationships.

Not true. That's a story.

...A story that has NOT been helping me manage my struggling relationship. 

I went to Thanksgiving knowing that I would be having a much needed, but tough, conversation with this family member.

Just the idea of a conversation like that can create anxiety, fear, and all kinds of crazy ideas about how it might go. Your mind can come up with all kinds of reasons to avoid the conversation, and why you shouldn't have it at all.

I didn't listen.

I walked straight towards my fear. I had the conversation. And then I had another tough conversation. And another over the course of my trip. 

The funny thing about facing your fear is that you get better at it. It's actually a skill that can be acquired. And your fears actually get less scary.

The problem is not fixed. 

You were thinking this story had a happy ending, didn't you?! Well, it does and it doesn't. 

From the tough conversations came progress. But not perfection. The problems my relationship faces are still there, but they've been faced. They've been spoken out loud. They've been heard. This is the only way they can be worked on and hopefully move towards a better outcome.

Why am I telling you this?

I'm not telling you this sappy story so that you feel sorry for me. But I'm sharing it for two reasons:

1. THE STORY: To see that I'm human too. To break the image of perfection. And to let go of my story that I have to have all my relationships mastered before I can be useful to you.

2. GIVE HOPE: You can do this too. You can walk towards your fear. You can have a tough conversation. It won't kill you. It may just change everything. But you'll never know until you run straight towards the thing that scares the shit out of you.

Here's to scaring the shit out of yourself :)


What did you learn last week?

No, this is not going to be another opinion piece about the election. Thank god. I think I overdosed on those last week.


When you rack your brain, are you able to recall just one thing that you learned last week? It doesn't have to be something novel, or something profound. Just anything! What did you learn?

If you're struggling to come up with even 1 thing, this is for you...

You fall into 1 of these 2 categories:

- Either you live a really safe and boring life, of which you don't have any new experiences that warrant learning. Or....

- You don't self reflect, and therefore don't learn anything for the experiences you are having.

So which is it? And please don't tell me the former because I won't believe you! 

I get it. You're busy. Guess what? Me too! We're all busy. We all have too much on our plate and not enough time or resources to do it all. But you CAN'T afford NOT to self reflect. Here's why:


- We become more aware. We learn what we like and don't like about the things we do. And if you don't like something, now you can do something about it!

- We experience 20/20 hindsight. Yes, things are much clearer after the fact. So use that clarity to your benefit. What would you change? What should you do differently next time?

-  We learn. Most learning doesn't happen in the "doing" phase or the "taking direction" phase or the "advice/suggestion" phase. Learning happens when we reflect on what happened. 


That's what I thought! You can prevent that by making time to self reflect. November is the first month in which I specifically set aside time to self reflect on my business. It was difficult to commit to. Didn't feel necessary at the time I was putting my calendar together. Now, being towards the end of the month, I'm glad I had the time to reflect on what went well this month, what was a failure, and what I can do differently going forward.


To not self reflect. Ok... so don't gain clarity, don't learn what you could do different, and don't make improvements to your life. Perfect. Who's taking that approach?

So basically, there's no good alternative. You can't afford no to self reflect. 

If that was too many double negatives for you, allow me to simplify:

Find the time and create the space in your life for self reflection. The outcomes are generous, and the alternatives are non-existent.


What I don't want you to know about me is...

This is my favorite game.

I first learned of this game from my coach. He plays it all the time. And because of his example, I started playing it all the time. 

What I noticed in myself, my work, and my relationships were markedly POSITIVE outcomes. I felt better after delivering difficult messages, I felt closer to the people in my life, and I felt like I could achieve more.

Here's the game: 

When you have something you should say, but you're really nervous to say it, start by saying this:

"What I don't want you to know about me is_________________"

Here are a few examples:

"What I don't want you to know about me is.....

...this is really difficult for me to share because I want you to like me. "

...I'm nervous you won't like me after I share this message with you."

...I want to be closer to you but I'm not sure how to do it."

...I want you know I care about you, but I've been too shy/scared to say it."

Some work examples:

"What I don't want you to know about me is.....

...I have some great ideas that I don't share for fear of ridicule."

...I feel like I'm just winging it sometimes. That you'll find out I'm a fraud."

...I identify success with money. So I go for the easy money/sale instead of going after what I really want."

...I feel stuck in job, and I wish I could do something else instead."


At work. With your spouse. With people you care about. 

You can create better relationships. You can be more authentic. A lot more becomes possible when we share what it is EXACTLY that we don't want people to know about us.


Because when you face your biggest fear first, everything else seems easier! When you do the scariest thing and realize you it didn't kill you, you become braver.


PS- Share your experience with the game in the comments section below!

So you had a sh*tty day

I had a totally different blog written to release today. But it didn't feel real. It didn't feel authentic after that day I just had.

Today started like any normal day with a 5 month old....it started at 4am. After a quick feeding and a little more sleep, we seized the day! 

But we didn't have any breakfast food at the house, so I headed to the grocery store. When I got home, I realized I forgot an important ingredient. Crap. Oh well, I still had enough food to throw something together worth eating. 

All morning I planned to get to my emails, but that never happened. My daughter was fussier than normal and wasn't happy with any of her toys. But that's ok, you deal with it and keep going!

Then it was time to get ready for work. Why isn't the water getting hot for my shower?! Ok skip that, move on... The nanny shows up, help her get situated, try to finish cleaning myself up and be presentable for work.

"Where are my keyssssss?!" I'm sure even the neighbors heard me frantically searching for the indispensable pieces of metal that were keeping me from getting to work on time. But who cares about the neighbors.... In the fit of my search I look over and see my daughter watching me. I immediately feel that I've failed her by losing my cool. 

I made it to the office. My work is awesome and challenging all at the same time. I love being there, doing the work with my clients, because it forces me to show up fully for them. I have to listen 100%, weed out all distractions, and pull upon all my experience and wisdom to serve them. It's so rewarding and so exhausting.

My last appointment was a new potential client. I'm all ears and focused in. I feel like I screwed up the conversation about working together and discussing money at the end. Sh*t!!!!!!!

I try to eat some food, send an email and head home. In all that rushing, I spill half the milk I pumped that day for my daughter. I feel like crying. That stuff is liquid gold....my daughter's food for tomorrow....and I just spilt it all over the floor.

I say RIP to the milk and head home. On my short drive I get 3 texts from my husband telling to get home ASAP because our daughter is "freaking out! 10 out of 10 screaming. She needs her mom!" Talk about guilt trip. 

I walk into a shit storm. My husband is stressed, the nanny is anxious, and my daughter is crying. I throw all my stuff down and rush in to soothe her. After an hour, she's finally asleep.

Now to tend to the party my husband is having in the backyard with his friends...... :) I'm not joking.

This blog isn't meant to be a rant, but a depiction of my day. 

Why did I write it? Not because I'm special. Not because I think I'm the only one who has shitty days. 

I wrote it because we ALL have days like this.

Days like this happen. Shit happens. It's about what you do next.

It's 10pm on my shitty day. It's almost coming to an end. After this cathartic blog post, I'm starting to feel better. I can even feel my body releasing some of the tension.

Tomorrow's a new day. I know that. I have a choice of what I'll make of it.

For a split second I considered canceling my work day and staying home. Things that ran through my head: "my daughter needs me... this stress isn't good for any of us.... I'm not ready for this yet."

And then I recognized it.... resistance.

Resistance shows up at the edge of growth. Every time. It's so damn consistent.

The easy thing for me to do is stay home tomorrow. Take the day off to recoup. Chill out. The hard thing to do is go out and try again tomorrow. And that's exactly what I'll do. 

The more I push myself, the better I get. I'll get better at being organized and getting ready for work. I'll get better at giving to my clients, and also giving back to myself. I'll get better at managing my time. And my daughter will get better at being with other caregivers.

What becomes possible when you meet your resistance with fierce persistence? 

For me, it's having a career AND a happy family. 

What would be possible for you?

PS- after all the commotion, I found this craft that the nanny had made with Daphne today. My heart was full knowing the joy she had today. And then, the day wasn't so bad after all :)

Ready isn't real

What is ready? What does it mean to be ready?

What would you say you were truly ready for when it hit you?

What weren’t you ready for?

In my life, these have been my most valuable experiences - the ones I wasn’t ready for.

I wasn’t ready to go to college - I went to college in Hawaii,  far away from my family and everything familiar. I know, you feel bad for me being alone in Hawaii, right :)  I cried when my parents dropped me off, even though I chose it.

I hated having to be responsible for all my meals, taking the bus everywhere, and doing my own laundry. But it was the best thing for me. If I wasn’t forced into this responsibility, I wouldn’t have learned time management skills I very much need today.

I am more efficient and effective today because I started practicing way back then. I’m thankful I dove into this experience head first even though I wasn’t ready for it.

I wasn’t ready to get married - I remember thinking on my wedding day “holy shit no one is going to stop me from doing this!” And so I did it. It felt like the most adult thing I had ever done. Shortly after getting hitched, my husband faced some adversity at work and potentially losing his job. And that’s when I realized what it really meant to be married - for better or worse, richer or poorer. I wasn’t sure I was ready for the crappier options in those vows. But this forced me to dive into partnership and powerfully show up for him when he really needed my support. And I’m so glad I did.

I wasn’t ready to start my business - I was fired from my job. Read more about that story here. I always knew I wanted to start my own business and practice, but I had a list of reasons why I wasn't ready... I was too young, too green, too inexperienced to be successful. So why even try?! I wasn't ready to fail, I wasn't ready to be that vulnerable. Well who is?!

I wasn’t ready to become a parent - Can you relate? If people waited until they were ready to have kids, this planet would be empty! 

This has been my most challenging endeavor to date. I have to show up as the best version of myself when I'm tired, have nothing left to give, and be fully present. What else calls you to perform at that level? 

Well, I wasn't ready for that level. And, arguably, I'm still not. But that doesn't stop me from giving my best day after day. When I look at how far I've come in the last 5 months and the things I've accomplished, I'm proud :)

I'm not ready to return to work - After 5 challenging and amazing months off, I'm headed back to work. Although I've prepared for this day, I'm not ready. 

I'm not ready to miss a "first" from my daughter, to be even more tired, or to feel like a "bad parent" by going back to work. But I am ready to honor that industrious and ambitious part of Me that loves my work!

Being ready isn't real. It's not something we wait for, because it never comes. 

It's when we push ahead, regardless of being ready, that we're really living.