What do you do? How do you help people? And why the videos?

So you may have noticed that I like to make videos and share insights social media, YouTube, and email. And if you’re reading this now (THANK YOU!), you likely seen some of them.

Well it occurred to me that in my tribe didn’t know why I was posting and sharing my thoughts on subjects via video. Don’t worry I’m here to answer your burning questions!

My mission main mission is to help entrepreneurs and leaders make more money, create a culture that attracts and retains top talent, and build a business that leaves you feeling happier and more fulfilled.

I do that by helping you see your business through a different lens, implement proven strategies for success, and grow into the leader you've always wanted to be.

So… I offer these videos as a way of sharing information and strategies that really work for people, even if you don’t work 1 -on -1 with me.

Check out this week’s video to hear more about what I do, why I do it, and how it may help you too!


Legacy Series - Jonathan Kaye


What's your legacy?

Legacies aren't linear. And they certainly aren't built in a day. This interview with Jonathan Kaye illustrates both those points. JK goes into detail about how his legacy has been a ride, with it's ups and downs. 

Yet, each step of the way has led him to click closer to his dream - his legacy. 

Watch the full interview here:


Learn more about Jonathan Kaye and his latest project here:


Legacy Series - Debbie Clinton

What's your legacy?

What if you could create your legacy?

In this series, I talk to people I know who have created enviable legacies for their lives... while they're still living! I ask how they did it, where they had failure, and what's next on their horizon. 

Watch the first video in the series right now:

Want to talk to Debbie yourself?

Find her here: https://agents.farmers.com/wa/vancouver/debbie-clinton

What is your superpower?


What if I told you that you have a secret superpower? A superpower so great it could change lives? What would you do about it? 

Well, you do.

You do have a superpower that can change lives, but you may not have realized it. Or maybe you haven't used it yet, but the potential for your superpower exists.

It's your impact. 

You have an effect on people. When someone interacts with you, they are changed. Forever. 

You get to decide if that impact is positive or negative.

You get to decide how vast that impact is.

A story about impact:

I did Facebook Live video recently about the ingredients required to create a legacy from your life. I spoke about reading a terribly sad article on the war erupting in Myanmar, and how affected a young mother by losing her loved ones. The story inspired me to donate to Red Cross to help aid in this unimaginable struggle the refugees are facing. 

I also shared a link to that story on social media and asked others to read it and donate if they felt touched by her story. I heard from 2 other friends that decided to donate because I had shared it.

That is impact my friend. One person can inspire others and touch them in a positive way that makes each of their lives better. 

You have that power. I have that power. What will you do with it?

What I look like wearing a mask


On Halloween, you can put a mask on and pretend to be someone you're not, and it's socially acceptable. 

Most of us are wearing masks on the other 364 days a year too. But we don't realized it. This doesn't mean you're going to see a bunch of Darth Vaders walking around in May. It means we're wearing masks unconsciously - without being aware of it.

This is a picture of me wearing a face mask. This mask was intentional. I was conscious of putting it, and how it made me feel differently. The purpose of this mask was vanity - it promised to give me a hydrated and refreshed face. 

FullSizeRender 29.jpg

The other masks we wear are less intentional - meaning we usually don't even realize we put it on. For example, do you ever act differently at work than you do at home? That difference in behavior is related to a mask!

We wear mask to make us seem more professional, more spiritual, more compassionate... you can wear a mask for any reason you need to be different from you're true self.

This is a picture of me wearing my professional mask. The purpose is to make me look more professional. What do you think? Is it working? The obvious change is that I have glasses on.

What else do you notice? I'm not smiling. Somewhere I "learned" that not smiling will make me seem more serious and professional. Not sure that's true now.


This is a picture of me wearing my strength mask. I like to feel strong. I want people to think I'm strong. So displaying it by flexing in a photo is a way to get that point across.

How do you think it's working? What's your response to that picture? My response... not so good. It's too forced. Not authentic. Not as approachable as I usually am.  

IMG_3970 2.JPG

You wear masks without even knowing it.

You wear masks as a false sense of security.

You wear masks to be liked or accepted.

You wear masks to keep others at a distance.

But what if you decided not to wear a mask anymore? What would be different? How would you feel? How would you be more vulnerable? More exposed? 

What would you stand to gain?


FB Live - more details about PRACTICE SUCCESS

Thanks to those of you who took the  time to ask about my upcoming coaching group I shared last week!

Here are the 2 pieces of feedback I heard from you:

- I don't want to seem greedy for wanting to make money.... but I still want to make money

- Want is an ideal client? Aren't all clients ideal?

Watch the video to hear my answers!

Are you a therapist? Do you know a therapist?

The group begins October 10th. Interviews begin in September. Email me for details brittany@brittanydrozd.com

I'm in love with my business. Here's why

Are we Facebook friends?  That's ok, we don't have to be! I don't want to see 1309254 pics of your dog anyway! lol. 

But you should "like" my business page on Facebook please! That's where I'm doing all my new vlogs. 

Here's my latest video sharing the launch of my new coaching group EXCLUSIVELY for therapists. 

Not a therapist? Don't worry :) I'm opening up a second group for entrepreneurs and leaders in the fall as well! More to details to come!

No, this is not a dream

My Facebook feed is full of people promising me my "Dream Life" and that I "can have it all" in a few short months. 

Do you think I'm dumb? Do you think I believe that sh*t your selling?

It's not that I think all the people promising these results are liars. I think they have good intentions and they want to help others. However, the problem with good intentions.... is that they paved the path to hell.

You're doing it wrong.

If you think someone else can create your dream life for you, you're doing it wrong. If you feel like your dream life is totally unattainable, you're also doing it wrong. And if you think nothing about your current life is dreamy, you're really doing it wrong.

Watch my Facebook live video to see what you DIDN'T know about your own life:

What aren't you seeing?

A fish does not see the water. 

Is this true? If you've been immersed in something for so long (or forever), and it's all you know, can you see it?

I read this recently in The Untethered Soul. The author was illustrating the pervasiveness of our racing thoughts and constant assessment of how we measure up against others. His point was this:

You can’t change for the better - think better, perform better, have better relationships - if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong.
— (Brittany interpreting author's message)

What's your version of the fish's water?

What can't you see about yourself, or what you're doing, that would make all the difference in your life? What's do you everyday, that if you adjusted, would dramatically change the outcomes in your life?

Here's what I think on about that:

I recently did a radio interview, and I touched on this very subject. Listen to it here: https://empireradionow.com/brittany-drozd-6-17-17-coaching-chris/


Hear me LIVE on the radio

Do you ever get calls from random places in the US to your cell phone? Why is Lexington, Kentucky calling me??! 

Don't ask me why, but I answered one of these random calls, and I'm glad I did. 

It was a radio host that does segments on improving your lifestyle. They want to me come on the show THIS SATURDAY at 10:50am and share about what I do!

Here the show online:


I can't wait to share what I do with a larger audience. I'd love to hear your feedback too!

Reflection that works

When you barely have time to do life, how are you ever going to find time to reflect on the life you do have?

No, this is not a trick question. 

Over the past year, I've used reflection as a tool to actually save more time and become more effective at the things I do.

And not because it's a race, but because doing things I love makes me happy! 

Here's a bit about my experience with reflection and how you can use it too:

I hate that shit

Sometimes I get awful emails about how to grow my business. They promise to tell me why I’m not attracting the clients I want, and why I’m not making 10x the amount of money I should be. 

And to be honest, sometimes I’m kind of intrigued. Sometimes I think, “oh yeah? Maybe I should have tons of clients and 10x more money!”

If I’m hooked enough, I’ll go one step further and click on their “freebie” or video that will tell me how to get rich tomorrow. 

But I’m never surprised when it takes me to an empty promise of marketing tactics and ploys to “lure people in”. Or tells me that I need to create an online course to sell to hundreds of people offering some generic approach to solving their problems.

I hate that shit.

The idea of selling someone something they don’t need is gross. The idea of luring someone anywhere, or tricking them into buying something just sucks. Even worse: pitching an online course about how to make 6 or 7 figures in your business is just plain obnoxious.

I’m a great coach. And I don’t need thousands of followers or millions of dollars to prove it. 

That’s exactly why I don’t fall for the empty promises being offered to me daily by emails and Facebook ads.

I offer the opposite of a course that will work for everyone. I offer solutions that will only work for you. 

I used to feel that I wasn’t dreaming big enough. That I needed some lofty goal of selling a book or making a million dollars in order to prove I was making an impact or great at what I do. 

Now, I understand that size of the dream or life you want to create is not important. It’s about creating something that is true to you:

  • a life aligned with your values
  • a life that serves you
  • a life that creates the legacy you dreamed of 

For me, that’s not an online course selling generic dreams and empty promises. It’s doing what I do best: serving the person right in front of me more powerfully than they could imagine.

  • What are you focusing on or reaching for that isn’t true to you? 
  • What do you keep striving for that isn’t happening?
  • What if you stopped “dreaming big” and dreamed just right for you instead?

It really is that easy

My clients have big, complex problems. And they're always surprised when I offer up an easy, obvious, or basic solution.

Client: "Really? That's it? It's that easy?!"

Me: "Yes, it really is that easy."

People don't believe me at first because they think the answer they need is super complicated, or really difficult. They don't believe that the easy answer will solve their issue because what would that say about them? They're stupid, they didn't try the obvious thing, or they're incapable of managing their own problems (*** I don't believe my clients are any of those things, but we all make up stories about ourselves).

Some of my best suggestions:

- Have you tried asking them that?

- Have you said it to them the same way you said just it to me?

- Have you shared what you want?

We overlook "easy" because it seems obvious. But we don't even try the "easy" or "obvious" options because we want to believe we're more complicated or a bigger deal than that. If you're really invested in finding a solution, don't over think it. Don't make it more complicated than it is. Think of what a 5 year-old would do in this situation!

From my experience, the most effective solutions really are that easy. They get to the crux of the problem and address it directly and succinctly. 

What issue is plaguing you? What are you stuck on right now?

What easy solution might owrk for you?



The cost of your life

I was recently met with a dilemma. A new potential client had called to make an appointment for a consultation with me. This type of opportunity usually fills me with excitement and possibility. But this conversation was different. It took a turn. Here’s why:

As we combed over each other’s schedules in attempts to make a 2-hour appointment for an initial conversation, it became obvious that our availability wasn’t matching up. The client suggested that they would really like to meet on a Thursday morning. I said, “I don’t work on Thursdays.” But he was persistent. And he said all the right things; “I really want to work with you.” “I’ve heard great things about you.” “This would be the best day/time for me.” 

Serving my clients runs deep in my veins. I love to over-deliver, I love to create an absolutely remarkable experience for my clients. And I hate to disappoint. But at this moment with this client, it was a high-stakes decision: Make it easy for the client and give them an appointment they want, or live my ideal life.

Sounds dramatic, right? Decisions like this are dramatic, and should be treated that way. 

My ideal life is staying home with my daughter on Thursdays. So if I agree to make that appointment with the new client on Thursday, the cost is my ideal life.

Too often we miscalculate the cost of our decisions. Or we justify it as “only one time” or “not a big deal”, but our gut tells us it’s not ideal, or even wrong to move forward with it.

So why do it? 

To an outsider, the decision I was faced with seems easy - don’t agree to the Thursday appointment if my priority is to spend time with my daughter. 

But our judgment gets clouded, and for me it was clouded by another priority of mine - to serve my clients. Other reasons we get clouded are to be liked by others or to please others.

So are you willing to trade your ideal life just to please someone else? 

What if I told you you’re likely already doing it?

You do it in the decisions you make. You trade a bit of your ideal life here and there everyday. 

My thoughts…. You’re ideal life isn’t so ideal if you’re willing to give it up so easily. Or you have no idea you’re giving it away. Either way, time to make a change.

PS- wondering what decision I made with the client? I chose not to meet with them. The cost was too high. I perseverated on it afterward for a few hours second guessing my decision. But when Thursday came around, I knew I had made the right decision for me.

Showing up is half the battle

Over past year, my husband and I remodeled our master bathroom. I know you have 2 questions:

1. You {Brittany} remodeled a bathroom?

2. Why did it take a year?

To answer your first question - no, I did not personally remodel the bathroom. It's important to know what your skills are, and what they're not. Construction is not one of my most developed skill sets.

I'm a big believer in outsourcing to experts for tasks I'm not an expert in. So when you need plumbing, hire a plumber. When you need your taxes completed, hire an accountant. Etcetera, etcetera. However, there's an important distinction between an expert and a professional. Which brings me to question #2.


An expert is someone who's perfected their craft, who's knowledgeable in their field, and who is considered one of the best technicians in their industry. 

A professional is someone who gets paid for their work, does not treat their job like a hobby, and who's reputation precedes them.

You can be the best expert out there, but if you're not a professional, you're not getting the job!

My bathroom took 1 year to remodel because it was very difficult to find professionals for the job. There were plenty of people who claimed they had the skills to do the plumbing, tiling, and electric work. But not many had this professional skill:


I usually pursue several bids before signing contracts to ensure I'm getting the right contractor for the job. However, I decided to work with our plumbers because they should up when they said they would. They were the only company that did so!

This may sound like a low standard, but you wouldn't believe how many companies couldn't even get this right!

Whether you're in business for yourself, are a leader at an organization, or just want a good reputation in your community...SHOW UP: on time, in a professional manner, and keep your word. This goes a long way with potential customers, friends, and colleagues.

How to teach others when you're still learning

I’ve met and coached so many people who thought they weren’t ready. They feel they haven’t learned enough, don’t have enough certifications, or don’t feel skilled enough to teach others.

I’ve been there myself too, thinking “Who am I to help others?”, “What do I know?”, “Why would someone even listen to me?!” 

But this mindset and questioning can all be boiled down to one thing: fear.

One of my favorite quotes illustrates this point perfectly:

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure” - Paulo Coelho

If teaching/coaching/facilitating/leading ANYTHING is your dream, why aren’t you doing it? 

If, when you ask yourself that question, reasons why you’re not prepared or good enough or any other reason comes up at all, call it out. Call out the fear. Name it. If you don’t identify fear, then you certainly can’t work on it. So first name it, then do it anyway!

What’s the next step?

You conquered your fear. Now you’re teaching others. But you’re still on the path to self-development yourself?

Quick! Run for the hills before anyone finds out your a fraud! Just kidding! But not about the fraud part. There are days when I still feel like a fraud. When I feel like I don’t have the answers my clients are coming to me for. Or that I don’t practice what I preach. 

What can you do about it? 

Tell your clients the truth. Tell everyone the truth, actually. Instead of coming up with a BS answer or pretending that I know something I don’t, I just tell my clients the truth. “I don’t have an answer for that” or “that’s something I’m still working on myself.”

I’m the best teacher BECAUSE I’m still learning, not in spite of it.

The most insightful coaching sessions I have with clients are the ones in which I bare my truth and get vulnerable about myself. And my truth is that I don’t have all the answers. 

If you’re in the position to be teaching/coaching/leading someone, that’s a huge responsibility. Treat it as such by giving the client what they really need - an honest answer, and a connection. Your clients don’t need you to be all knowing, they need you to be real. 

How can you get real?

One of my favorite methods in sharing my truth and getting vulnerable with people is completing this sentence:

“What I don’t want you to know about me it…”

Here are some examples you could use in the moment:

“… I don’t have the answer to that.”

“… I’m still trying to figure that out myself.”

“… I’m nervous you’ll judge me for not having the answer.”

“… I feel I’ve let you done by not having the answer.”

“… I’ve made that same mistake too.”

“… I’m not perfect.”

Every time I’ve taken a risk by getting real and using this tool, the results have surprised me in a positive way. Bottom line: never let fear stop you from doing something you love. Harness it to create greater connections.