What's your inner genius?

You know when you're sitting at a coffee shop, and all of a sudden you think of a brilliant way to store napkins that no one has ever thought of before? 

It's like you've just invented a process that will make you rich and famous. So, for a a second, you bask in the idea of becoming the celebrity Napkin Guy. 

And then, after a minute or so, you go right back to sipping your coffee and on with your day. 

That napkin thing- that's your stroke of genius!

That's you allowing your brain to flow in creativity!

That's you accessing your inner genius!

You don't need to act on each stroke of genius you have. You just need to access your inner genius as much as possible!

How do you do that?

Watch this week's video to learn how I access my inner genius, and what may work for you too! Watch your inner genius take off and create what you didn't think was possible! 



Share it!

I want to hear from your inner genius! I want to know how you access it and what strokes of genius you've had recently. Share your story to help inspire others in the comments section of this video!

Why you don't get anything done

Look at your to-do list right now! This moment!

What's on it? What has been checked off as completed? And what hasn't?

What has lingered on your list SO LONG that it will deserve a ceremony once completed?

That's the one I'm talking about! 

It's that task you wish you could pay someone to do for you. The one you would NEVER miss doing again. The one that causes your stress just seeing on your to-do list. 

That's your resistance! 

We all have it. And you can find it cropping up everywhere you go - the gym, a work meeting, important conversations with your spouse. 

Your current tactics:

AVOID at all costs! Delay, delay, delay! Or hop on Facebook for 15 minutes.

Want a real solution? One that will get you to accomplish this task and no longer feel weighed down?

Watch this week's video to learn to Recognize Resistance, no Rationalize it, to once and for all Resolve your Resistance!



Business Group Coaching

This group will be closed at the end of November until June 2016. This will allow the group to grow together and not waste time repeating things.

If you were on the fence or thinking about joining, this is your chance to email mefor an interview. But don't let that scare you off! I'll be nice about it :)

What else?

Work with me  one-on-one for even bigger creation and transformation. Find out even more ways you can make positive changes for your life and get what you really want!

You can create your legacy and live a life you love!


Why you should unsubscribe now

Happy Tuesday!

Do you know why I send emails out on Tuesdays? I never thought you'd ask! Market research companies have found that Tuesday is the best chance of getting your email opened by a customer! Hurray!!!

But who cares  about open rates if your not sending your people anything of value or positively impacting their lives!

So I BEG you... Please unsubscribe if you feel these emails aren't giving you any value or positively impacting your life! Because that's my goal! Not open rates.

I absolutely love my tribe on here, but I only want you here if it feels good for you! 

Watch this week's video to use the "unsubscribe rule" in more areas of your life!

Business Group Coaching

This group will be closed at the end of November until June 2016. This will allow the group to grow together and not waste time repeating things.

If you were on the fence or thinking about joining, this is your chance to call me for an interview. But don't let that scare you off! I'll be nice about it :)

Do you even have fun?

Happy Thursday!

You're at the home stretch of your work week! Hallelujah! The weekend is near.

Do you have plans for your weekend? Are they plans to have FUN?!

I was at the gym and everyone was asked what they did for fun last weekend? I was shocked when so many people said they did NOTHING fun! 

Watch my video to find out the full story. Alsoooooo... I break it down so YOU can have fun this weekend no matter what!


Get more of me!

October 19th is the start of my coaching group! Do you know someone who runs a small business or their own practice or firm? Do they complain about being overwhelmed and not living their best life? 

I'm putting together a group of inspiring and accomplished people (by referral and invitation only) to meet via phone/Skype every Monday morning to give our persepctives and businesses a kick in the a**! 

You will start your week with intention, a clear head, and mega support and feedback from others in your shoes. If this is you, or someone you know, you've gotta talk to me first! Call me (401.441.1626) or email me (brittany@brittanydrozd.com) and let's see if you're a Hell Yes for this group!

The Demise of Guys

Are you a guy who wishing he had more power in his life? Or do you know a guy who you wish would step up? 

How about a guy that remains passive and let's his female partner take control with her masculine energy?  Sound familiar?

With so much attention to feminism and equal rights (which are great things!) some men are getting lost along the way.

But your feminine partner needs your masculine energy. They need to you to still give a damn. They need you to step into your power.

You know why?

It's sexy! That's right! When you own your masculinity, make decisions, and stop being a pushover, your partner will be more attracted to you. 

That's a win-win if I've ever heard one! 

Get more details and examples of this phenomenon in this week's video. Find out how you can step into your power now!


When have you been that passive guy? When have you taken back your power and had awesome results?   

Share your results in the comments section of this video or on the blog. Lets keep the conversation going to encourage men to get their power back!

100 Conversations

I'm challenging myself to have 100 conversations in the month of July! I want to have a mutually inspiring conversation about where you're at and where you want to go. I want to challenge your beliefs and show you what's possible. 

Interested? Email me at brittany@brittanydrozd.com

I can see your future...can you?

Have you ever tried to see the future? Ever had that feeling of deja vu? 

Does it freak you out? It freaks me out too!

You know why I look freaked out in the picture below?? Because I can see your future... and it's scary!

What I see is your default future - the future in which you can expect if you do nothing to change the way you are living

This works even better when YOU can see your default future! That's when real changes can happen for you.

What does you life look like 5 years from now if you do everything the same as you are right now?

What do you see? How do you feel? Who are you?

How about 10 years? 20 years? Doing everything the same as you are today.

That is your default future


Some of you might be thinking, well that isn’t so bad. But I know that you aren’t satisfied with that. How do I know???

Because if you were fully satisfied and didn’t desire more from your life, then you wouldn't be interested in my blog or this video.

And that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You see, most people feel this way. Feel that they want more from this life and from themselves. Then shame sets in when we do nothing about it.

That's where I come in. 

I want to give you the opportunity to divert from your default future and create the life you crave waaaaay sooner than you imagined.

I want to have a conversation with you about your vision for yourself and how you will create your future and destroy your default future.

But it all starts with you.....Demand the life you really want and have this conversation with me!

Be Fearless

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because you really just need to watch the video.

Just like you, I have a lot of things I want to do and accomplish in life. And if you had asked me a few years ago why I hadn't accomplished those things, I would tell you some story about why I didn't have enough time, or {insert other excuse here}. 

But now I know the real reason. It's fear. 

Fear that I won't be liked for doing it, fear that my all of my clients would leave if I said what I really should say, fear that I'm not good enough.

I know some of you are thinking, "oh, well that's not me. It's definitely not fear that is stopping me...."  Sure. 

Keep on telling yourself that and see what changes.

And when you're serious about making changes and accomplishing your dreams, then let's talk about what you're fear is. 

- Only when you identify your fears can you start to work on them

- When you work on them, you can conquer them and accomplish big things

- When you accomplish big things, you change the world and improve your life

Here's my story of being fearless



Want to be fearless? Share YOUR story in the comments section of this videoand on the blog. Tell me where your fear is and what you wish you had the courage to do. If you do that, you will be one GIANT step closer to living it.

Here’s to being fearless! 

Mindfulness in Japan

There's no place like home, there's no place like home..... or is there?

After hopping around southeast Asia, I made my way north to Japan. And although different from home in so many ways, there is an odd familiarity about this place that I love!

It's cooler temperatures, divine cuisine, and mindful people made for a warm welcome after sweltering, crowded days in the south!

At times in southern Asia, I found myself really missing home and some of it's simple comforts I take for granted - like air conditioning. I never complain about the weather, but this was a heat that created a level of fatigue I've never experienced before.

But beyond my mild heat stroke, there was this disconnection between "us and them" that I couldn't put my finger on until I arrived in Japan. And then it hit me....


I felt human again!

Almost constantly, I felt separate from most of the people in southeast Asia. I felt like a tourist (which I was), just serving as a means to an end for those peddling goods and services. I don't want to overgeneralize - these countries are beautiful and the people are kind. But my experience was one of separateness (this is probably why my last blog was about the people I actually connected with!).

So what's different about Japan?

The Zen in everything.

From how they greet each other (bowing in respect) to how they cross the street (never jaywalking), there is an immense awareness of how their behaviors impact others. They move with intention and attention to others. This makes everything run more smoothly, especially in their populous cities. 




We vs. Me

Concern for others, even just in our minds, changes our behaviors. We’re more understanding, more patient, and more kind.

The culture of a society has a huge influence on this, making it not so easy for you try this new Japanese mindset. But it can be done. 

What do you think you would do differently if you were more thoughtful of others? 

To find out, you need a plan to be more mindful:

1- Try setting an intention for the day, and remind yourself throughout. “I will be kind and peaceful to all.”

2- Take breath breaks. Slow, mindful breathing really improves our ability to stay in the moment and be conscientious.

3- Create the space. Give yourself the space and time you need to get things done. Half the times we’re irritated is because we’re running late or rushing around. You can stop that practice.


Collective efforts to be more mindful and respectful of others can really influence our society at large. And what kind of society would you rather live in? One that is considerate of all, or just fends for themselves?  I thought so!

Here’s to a more mindful week! 

Quit ice damming, start living!

What do you do when you come home from a sunny spring day to find a leaking roof?

Scream "ICE DAMS! AHHHH!" ......then do somehting about it. 

So why should you care about my ice dams and leaking roof?

Because we do the same thing in our lives - we dam up by hardening our exterior. And when we do this, the stuff that needs to come out has no option but to get under our skin. This is what drives you crazy!

It's like you know somethings not right in your life, but you're not quite ready to deal with it.

How about you start by removing that ice dam?

Watch this week's video to unclog your gutters and avoid freezing over! {Think this doesn't effect you? Find out if you have these symptoms...}


Where did you find ice dams in your life? Share your experience with all of us! Post in the video's comments section or on the blog now!

Are you terrible at focusing?

Ever feel that completely overwhelmed when you start the day? Do you see endless items on an impossible to-do list? Do you wish you had the discipline to actually get sh*t done?!


Well, I hate to break it to you, but discipline won't get you there. It's focus. 

So how can you create the focus you need to get 'r done?

Watch this week's video for the 3 tips to create more focus and spend less time twiddling your thumbs!

Don't believe I have the answer? Try me!


Why connection is everything in your life

Think of your happiest moments in life....

Who were you with? Where were you? And what were you doing?

Likely, you were with people you love, in a meaningful place, and doing something engaging. 

How did I guess that?!

Because connection is at the core of our happiest moments. We are not at our best when we're in isolation, in an uninspiring place, or doing something mundane.

Create more "happy" in your life by connecting more frequently.

Connect with your spouse, your friend, Mother Nature,... you get the picture! Make your Valentine's Day extra special this year by finding out how to connect in this video!

Watch the video to transform your connections and create greater happiness!

How to increase your focus by doing exactly what you want

You know those days when you have a to-do list a mile long, but you can't seem to muster up the focus to actually sit down and do it? Yeah, that happens to me often! I used to think it's because I wasn't smart enough or discplined enough to be successful. So I would just cram more and more stuff onto that list, thinking "now I absolutely have to focus and complete this to-do list!"

I'm sure you can guess what happened... I still could barely sit down and focus on what needed to be done.

Then I made this POWERFUL correlation: the more tasks I added to my to-do list, the more I felt like I was drowning in work, and the less I felt like sitting down to do it.

When I feel like I'm buried in work, I become angry and resentful. "It's not supposed to be this way," I think. And once I reach that mindset, work becomes impossible!

Then came winter storm Juno.

My first thought was "great, now I can do all the work I seem to never get to."

Then, 20 minutes later, "I can't focus!!!!!"

So, I threw in the towel. Not what you expected me to say right? Here's why:

Sometimes, we just need to play!

Most days we work, work, work; keeping our heads down and closed to awesome opportunities for joy and happiness. But what's all that work for if there's no pleasure at the end of the tunnel?

And when you're feeling stuck, don't wait for that end of the tunnel to come to you! Give yourself time to play now! I guarantee it will renew your batteries and rejuvenate your spirit! And that may be just what you need to get your work done!

So, needless to say, this week I chose to play in the snow with friends and go sledding instead of making my weekly Vlog. I hope you find time to play too!

How did you play on your snow day? Share your favorite snow day traditions and pictures on the blog!

Truth! You can't handle the truth!


Do you ever feel like you're fooling yourself into believing your happy with the way things are in your life? Or make judgments of others to elevate yourself? Our brains have a funny way of tricking us into believing the BS we sometimes feed ourselves. Such as:

- I can't find anyone I like

- I don't know why I'm not getting healthier

- I'm stuck in a life I don't love

None of these things are true. But you tell yourself these false statments in order to avoid what you really need to do - speak your truth. Your Truth knows that you're not being honest with yourself about these issues. And if you were, the answers would come to you. You would know what you need to do to change it!

Satya, a part of yoga beyond the poses, encourages you to examine your truth and live it!

Watch this week's video as Elizabeth Guardia and I describe how you can find your truth and put it into action now!


So, do you have a story of when you got in touch with your truth, and it changed your life? Well don't be greedy and keep that all to yourself! Share your strategies with the rest of us in the comments section or on the blog! 

Put more soul in your goals for 2015


Now that the hype of New Year's is upon us, you will feel pressured into a New Year's resolution or goal of some kind. But the problem with that is if it doesn't come from your soul - the place of your truth and knowing - then it's not going to last long.

When you make resolutions from you head, that's just where they stay - in your head! Think about it. A goal of eating more vegetables, exercising more, or losing weight is not something you feel in your soul!

A re-soul-ution looks at the bigger picture: Who do you want to become? How do you want your life to look? Those are the questions that re-soul-utions are born out of!

How will you go all in and trust yourself with a re-soul-ution this year?

Watch this week's video to create your own re-soul-ution now!


I've been receiving awesome feeback and questions from you guys to my inbox. But I'd love it even more if we can create a powerful conversation in the comments section of this video! Share your love there :) Pretty please!

How to make room for success in 2015


Happy New Year's Eve! In a few hours we will all pull the curtain on 2014. While most people have already started looking forward to 2015, I urge you to first take time to reflect on 2014 in order to start 2015 from the best place possible.

What do I mean reflect?

- Reflect on your greatest accomplishments and times of growth.

- Reflect on what and who has served you well this year.

- And reflect on the things that didn't serve you as well.

Then... get rid of those things that didn't serve you!

You have to make room in your life for what you want by first getting rid of what you don't need!


Watch this week's video on just how to get rid of want you don't need to make room for your best self and a life you love!


Share your burning, burial, or candlelighting experience on the blog or comments section of this video! 

Thanks to ALL OF YOU for the best year to date! It is an extraordinary gift to live my dream by working with all of you!

Abundance for the win!

Well folks, this is it! The last video in our Holiday Survival Series! But the great news is that if you're reading this...you survived!!! Congrats on making it to the home strech of the holidays. Wrap up your holiday season this week by enjoying the greatest gift- all that you already have!

Most of us live from a place of scarcity and not having/being enough the majority of our days. But that can be different.

This week's video will show you how to stop, drop, and find all the abundance in your life.

So take off your abundance blinders and bask in all that you do have right now!


Did you share it? With whom? Did that start a movement (or even a small ripple) with others in your world? Don't be shy, share it with us on the blog or the comments section of the video!

Don't forget- stay tuned for our New Years series starting next week!

Happy holidays to all of you! Thanks for watching this series, and know that I am so thankful for all of you!

Don't give into the giving


It's week 4 of the Holiday Survival series, and if you're not feeling the holiday crunch by now, you're likely a hermit. Or you're completely balanced and have this whole thing figured out way better than I do! Either way, here we go... Giving. Seemingly the central ingredient in your holiday stew. But why? How did we get here? This can't really be what the holidays are about!

You're right, it's not! But we perpetuate the cycle by giving in to the giving.

The holidays are a time for us to appreciate and recognize the ones we love. Think about who you want to spend the holidays with - likely the people you care about most.

So how do you show them how much they mean to you? {insert ridiculously expensive mall purchase here}

No! Don't do it! Give your love instead!

But if that's not enough for your 6 year-old or partner, at least add a sweet note or card :)

Watch this week's video to learn to give love and give without expectation- the most authentic form of giving.


Going holiday shopping this weekend? Share how you got outside of your gift-giving box! Head on over to the blog to tell us how it went! Leave your comments, stories, and feedback there!

End Your Family Feuds


Welcome back to the Holiday Survival Series! This week's video is centered on family. And if you have a family - or any close group of friends similar to one- you know that that holidays can bring a lot of challenges and awkward moments. If you're not careful, those awkward moments can lead to disappointment and strife for years to come.

This week's video gives you the tools your need to avoid disappointment, missed expectations, and displaced anger. Because that is a triad I'm not interested in experiencing!

Use these tools to guarantee a smoother holiday season and let "F" stand for family and not for feud.

Watch this week's video to unlock the key to feud-free family functions! Say that fast 3 times!


Attending any holiday parties or functions this week? Use these same skills in the office too! Coworkers are our "work family" and are prone to the same issues!

Thinking about using these tips? Don't think any longer- do it and write about it! Head on over to the blog to tell us how it went! Leave your comments, stories, and feedback there!

Unexpected lessons in gratefulness


Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you're traveling around to see family or staying home to chow down, this week is a great time to slow down and get grateful! In the second week of the Holiday Survival Series, I get into the nitty gritty of gratefulness....and it's not what you're expecting!

Forget those basic lists of what you're grateful for, I want to know what makes you tick and who gets under your skin. Why? Because it's the things and people that unsettle us that serve as our greatest gift!

This week's video teaches you how to spot your greatest teachers, and what you can learn about yourself from them!

Watch this week's video to master the art of making friends your enemy and learning lessons of gratefulness from those unexpected teachers.


I hope you have a greatThanksgiving- wherever you may be! Stay present and grateful and enjoy this holiday!

How did you use these tips? Head on over to the blog to tell us how it went! Leave your comments, stories, and feedback there!