Why do you keep blowing it?

Picture this:

You say "X". Your partner says "Y".

You both think "f*$k%sk#g" was said!

Ever had this kind of argument? Where neither of you can agree on what was said? Do you wonder how this is even possible since you both were in the room?

That's because you're MISSING communication.

I know what you're thinking- "no way, not me. I heard what she said." 

Yeah, you heard the words. But did you really listen?

When you listen, your partner gives you ALL the information you need to fix the problem. For example...

"...You always walk away when I'm talking about this."

"...I always tell you thank you when you help me."

"...You never help me wash the dishes."


See those BOLDED words??? There's your answer!

  • Don't walk away when she's talking.
  • Say thank you when she helps you.
  • Wash the damn dishes!        

See how I did that right there? Just flip the words around!



Why are you missing these cues?

  • You're defensive when you're arguing with your partner.
  • You've decided you're right already. Why listen any further?
  • You shut down when you don't like what you hear.

But missing these words is causing you more harm than good! 

"Help Me fix this Brittany!"  No problem!

Here's how you can REALLY hear your partner:

  1. Focus: Give your partner your undivided attention. Put all devices and distractions away. And yes, turn off the TV too!
  2. Body Language: 80% of communication is non-verbal. Look at how close she is to you, how her arms move, and the tone in her speech.
  3. Check for Clarity: "So what I hear you saying is that you'd like me to help with the dishes?"

What's in it for me?

Use these tips for a stress-free evening, romantic evening. Feel totally in sync with your partner. Get the kudos you want for how awesome you are!

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Are you proud of what you're doing?

Working hard sucks.

Working hard for someone else's dream sucks even more.

Yet somewhere in your upbringing, you're taught that hard work is necessary to have the life you want:

- to have success in your career

- provide for your family

- and have control of your life


But that's a lie. 

You don't have to work hard for 40-50 years missing out on so much, just to be retired and enjoy the last 10 years of your life.

Would you give your left eyeball to make this different? I thought so ;)

In this video, I'm going to blow your definition of legacy out of the water. I'll show you that you have a legacy too. And you should be proud of what you're creating!

Watch this week's video to stop complaining about your life, and start creating a legacy you're proud of! 


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Keep working, because you deserve to be your best self and live a life you love!

Could a KISS solve your communication problems?

Do you ever feel stuck with fear when you need to deliver a difficult message?

Like you'd rather run away screaming like a baby than face this conversation?

If you're nodding yes, then you'll love this week's video!

Even if you have expert-level communication skills, this is a simple strategy you're probably not using. I communicate for a living and I still forget this strategy at times.

Too timid for tough converstaions? Don't be scared, this strategy involves a KISS!

Watch this week's video to conquer your communication fears with a KISS!



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You're killing your game- this is how

It's funny what you can learn from the most unexpected sources! Say, for instance, your new tennis coach...

After watching me hit for a while, my new coach pointed out that I try to make every hit my kill shot. 

When he said it, I immediately knew what he meant!

Each time I hit the ball, I was trying to get the point. But that's not the most effective way to play.

You need to work it and finesse it, not kill it!

Win the point {and the whole match} by using 3 key strategies to that will make you more effective, and your closing game stronger!

How do you deliver your kill shots to close a deal? Get a date? Or get in shape? And how does your kill shot ultimately kill your game?

Watch this week's video for the 3 Strategies to Win without your Kill Shot! 


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100 Conversations

I'm challenging myself to have 100 conversations in the month of July! I want to have a mutually inspiring conversation about where you're at and where you want to go. I want to challenge your beliefs and show you what's possible. 

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The Demise of Guys

Are you a guy who wishing he had more power in his life? Or do you know a guy who you wish would step up? 

How about a guy that remains passive and let's his female partner take control with her masculine energy?  Sound familiar?

With so much attention to feminism and equal rights (which are great things!) some men are getting lost along the way.

But your feminine partner needs your masculine energy. They need to you to still give a damn. They need you to step into your power.

You know why?

It's sexy! That's right! When you own your masculinity, make decisions, and stop being a pushover, your partner will be more attracted to you. 

That's a win-win if I've ever heard one! 

Get more details and examples of this phenomenon in this week's video. Find out how you can step into your power now!


When have you been that passive guy? When have you taken back your power and had awesome results?   

Share your results in the comments section of this video or on the blog. Lets keep the conversation going to encourage men to get their power back!

100 Conversations

I'm challenging myself to have 100 conversations in the month of July! I want to have a mutually inspiring conversation about where you're at and where you want to go. I want to challenge your beliefs and show you what's possible. 

Interested? Email me at brittany@brittanydrozd.com

Do Not Dream Big

Has anyone ever asked you what your dreams are? Did you stutter or struggle to respond?

I do!

Why? Because dreams feel like a luxury we can't afford. Like something you can do only after you’ve finished everything else on your to-do list. “I’ll define my dreams after I finish the dishes, that report, and all these emails.”

And that’s exactly why you never get to it. If it feels like a luxury, you won’t create the time to do it.  

If dreams don’t feel like reality and goals are something you’re always chasing and rarely catch, you need VISION to inform your pursuit of your true potential. 

In this week's video, find out why you need vision to create the life you really want.


Did you hear the questions I spouted off in the video? Find those ???s and more below. Trust me, this is all the template you need to create your vision! 

Want some accountability?

Share YOUR answer to one of these questions below. Lets start creating your BIG vision! Create fun converstaions with your friends by asking these questions at your next cook out.

I can see your future...can you?

Have you ever tried to see the future? Ever had that feeling of deja vu? 

Does it freak you out? It freaks me out too!

You know why I look freaked out in the picture below?? Because I can see your future... and it's scary!

What I see is your default future - the future in which you can expect if you do nothing to change the way you are living

This works even better when YOU can see your default future! That's when real changes can happen for you.

What does you life look like 5 years from now if you do everything the same as you are right now?

What do you see? How do you feel? Who are you?

How about 10 years? 20 years? Doing everything the same as you are today.

That is your default future


Some of you might be thinking, well that isn’t so bad. But I know that you aren’t satisfied with that. How do I know???

Because if you were fully satisfied and didn’t desire more from your life, then you wouldn't be interested in my blog or this video.

And that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You see, most people feel this way. Feel that they want more from this life and from themselves. Then shame sets in when we do nothing about it.

That's where I come in. 

I want to give you the opportunity to divert from your default future and create the life you crave waaaaay sooner than you imagined.

I want to have a conversation with you about your vision for yourself and how you will create your future and destroy your default future.

But it all starts with you.....Demand the life you really want and have this conversation with me!

Be Fearless

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because you really just need to watch the video.

Just like you, I have a lot of things I want to do and accomplish in life. And if you had asked me a few years ago why I hadn't accomplished those things, I would tell you some story about why I didn't have enough time, or {insert other excuse here}. 

But now I know the real reason. It's fear. 

Fear that I won't be liked for doing it, fear that my all of my clients would leave if I said what I really should say, fear that I'm not good enough.

I know some of you are thinking, "oh, well that's not me. It's definitely not fear that is stopping me...."  Sure. 

Keep on telling yourself that and see what changes.

And when you're serious about making changes and accomplishing your dreams, then let's talk about what you're fear is. 

- Only when you identify your fears can you start to work on them

- When you work on them, you can conquer them and accomplish big things

- When you accomplish big things, you change the world and improve your life

Here's my story of being fearless



Want to be fearless? Share YOUR story in the comments section of this videoand on the blog. Tell me where your fear is and what you wish you had the courage to do. If you do that, you will be one GIANT step closer to living it.

Here’s to being fearless! 

Mindfulness in Japan

There's no place like home, there's no place like home..... or is there?

After hopping around southeast Asia, I made my way north to Japan. And although different from home in so many ways, there is an odd familiarity about this place that I love!

It's cooler temperatures, divine cuisine, and mindful people made for a warm welcome after sweltering, crowded days in the south!

At times in southern Asia, I found myself really missing home and some of it's simple comforts I take for granted - like air conditioning. I never complain about the weather, but this was a heat that created a level of fatigue I've never experienced before.

But beyond my mild heat stroke, there was this disconnection between "us and them" that I couldn't put my finger on until I arrived in Japan. And then it hit me....


I felt human again!

Almost constantly, I felt separate from most of the people in southeast Asia. I felt like a tourist (which I was), just serving as a means to an end for those peddling goods and services. I don't want to overgeneralize - these countries are beautiful and the people are kind. But my experience was one of separateness (this is probably why my last blog was about the people I actually connected with!).

So what's different about Japan?

The Zen in everything.

From how they greet each other (bowing in respect) to how they cross the street (never jaywalking), there is an immense awareness of how their behaviors impact others. They move with intention and attention to others. This makes everything run more smoothly, especially in their populous cities. 




We vs. Me

Concern for others, even just in our minds, changes our behaviors. We’re more understanding, more patient, and more kind.

The culture of a society has a huge influence on this, making it not so easy for you try this new Japanese mindset. But it can be done. 

What do you think you would do differently if you were more thoughtful of others? 

To find out, you need a plan to be more mindful:

1- Try setting an intention for the day, and remind yourself throughout. “I will be kind and peaceful to all.”

2- Take breath breaks. Slow, mindful breathing really improves our ability to stay in the moment and be conscientious.

3- Create the space. Give yourself the space and time you need to get things done. Half the times we’re irritated is because we’re running late or rushing around. You can stop that practice.


Collective efforts to be more mindful and respectful of others can really influence our society at large. And what kind of society would you rather live in? One that is considerate of all, or just fends for themselves?  I thought so!

Here’s to a more mindful week! 

Meet my new friends Happy, Lucky, and Friendly

Traveling through Southeast Asia has lived up to its promises of delicious food, beautiful scenery, and affable people.

Additionally, I’ve visited world heritage sites and heard breathtaking stories of empires and demise and fantastical tales of dragons shaping history.

Even with all that, it is clear that the friends I’ve made along the way have had the greatest impact on me. The relationships and interactions I had, however brief, create emotional experiences and memories that give my travel meaning and significance.

Sure, visiting these beautiful places is great, but the people you meet share a piece of themselves with you. That exchange is priceless. Here are just a few of those exchanges…

Meet Happy:

Happy is a rambunctious, playful, 7 week-old Asian elephant. She loves eating sugar cane, bathing in the river, and ramming the tourists in spirited fashion. In Thailand, I participated in Mahout training, which teaches you how to care for elephants, including bathing them in the river. Just imagine- 3-ton elephants rolling around, spraying their trunks, and wrestling with each other!

This incredible experience is made even more amazing when you realize that elephants are sentient beings; meaning they experience feelings, have empathy for others, and bond with their group. Watch my video with the elephants to learn more!


Meet Lucky:

Lucky is an ambitious 20 year-old from Cambodia and was my tuk-tuk driver.  He’s from a small, rural village, but moved to the big city with this older brother to make his own way. Together, they purchased 2 tuk-tuks (taxis/pedicabs) and are determined to be the best drivers in Siem Reap! At night, he’s taking classes to learn English and Chinese.

He’s youthful and excited energy was intoxicating and made our time with him so enjoyable. I was so impressed by his aspirations that I wanted to share them with you!

Meet Friendly:

Friendly had such a calming and confident presence that assured me she could make a beautiful dress. Friendly is a tailor in Vietnam, whose specialty is custom tailored clothes just to your liking.

Friendly was so present and attentive when measuring and fitting me, and said she was willing to do whatever it takes to make me happy with the outcome. When do you ever get service and attention like that?

Friendly also loves her job! She said several times that she’s happy when she sees her customers happy with their new clothes. Time was no issue for her, as she was patient, mindful, and not the least bit pressured.

I learned so much from the way she works. I hope to incorporate Friendly’s attitude in my work and share her mantras with all of you!

What's next?

I'm coming home soon! Make sure to contact my assistant Kirsten with any schedule changes at admin@brittanydrozd.com. I'm looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Finding gratitude where you never thought possible

My time in Nepal is coming to a close. My mission to be helpful and provide aid has been accomplished, and I have learned so much from the experience.


Here are just a few of those lessons....


#1 - Ask for help when you need it! I know I came to Nepal to help the local communities that had been effected by the numerous earthquakes (yes, earthquakes happened daily, and only a few made the news), but sometimes I needed help too! 



The IMC and myself had been asked to set up tents for the overwhelming amount of patients at a hospital in Kathmandu. Not only were there not enough hospital beds, but everyone was so scared to be inside the hospital because of all the earthquakes. 

So we had set up 20 tents by dusk.... and realized we had no idea how to do it!

What did we do??? Enlist the help of a dozen Nepali soldiers of course! At first the soldiers were somewhat intimidating, but were more than happy to help us! We all shared a few laughs, too, in the process! 


#2 - Find the gifts in everything.  The earthquake was undoubtedly a devastation to Nepal and its people. There was immense grief and sadness in the eyes and hearts of both locals and aid workers alike. At times, it was completely overwhelming and anxiety provoking for me.

But this natural disaster wasn't without its gifts. I'm completely in awe of the people's relentless resilience and determination to rebuild Nepal. I heard countless stories of those who had lost their homes, had no money to rebuild them, and yet they were working side by side with relief workers to help others in their community who were also in need. Yes, millions are aid dollars are being brought in to help rebuild Nepal, but the Nepalese proved to be some of the most generous people I know.

I'm leaving Nepal with a new mission - find ways of being more generous daily. Even if it's just giving more of my true self. We all have wonderful gifts to share with the world. Withholding them is a real disservice to ourselves and others.  


#3 - Gratitude fills you up. I am so grateful for all of you who donated to our Nepal fund and supported me in this mission! Knowing I had so many people behind me made it that much easier on the hard days. Although we didn't ask for this sign to be made (because it's not my fund, it's from all of you!), it's representative of the true positive effect your generosity and support had on the people of Nepal.

I'm grateful for our donors, my opportunity to be a part of this mission, and the people of Nepal for reminding me of what humans are really capable of!

With each story I heard and each aid worker I met, I was more and more grateful for generosity, love, and light each brings to this world. Together, we all make it shine brighter. And gratitude helps us see this light.

So before you think I've lost my edge and gone soft on you, try it for yourself. See what an intention of being more grateful brings to your life.

What's next?

We're moving on to southeast Asia! For the rest of my trip, I'm looking forward to jungle excursions, spicy food, and culture overload. Stay tuned!  

What is sacred?

I'm curious, what is sacred to you?

I'm sitting at the foot of the Boudhanath Stupa - one of Nepal's most treasued and religiously significant Buddhist monuments. The omnipotence of the structure is undeniable. Yet it's current role is questionable.

The stupa (mound-like structure, used as a place of meditation) is surrounded by countless shops selling all kinds of typical Nepali souvenirs - pashmina scarves, mini deity statues, and mala necklaces. A mix of modern and traditionally dressed locals make their obligitory lap around the entire stupa, signifying their commitment to their religious practice and way of life. 

However, this practice appears far from sacred. Even monks can be seen making their way around while sharing videos on their smartphones!

Although still some (usually older) patrons can be found making their lap in meditation - mala beads in hand, mantras on their tongue, and intention in their mind. 

What separates these two practices?

It seems the degree to which one holds this stupa and practice sacred determines their style of practice - and likely the outcome of their meditation experience. 

These approaches clearly have their generational gap - with the older, wiser patrons exhibiting a more focused practice. What do they know about living that us younger souls haven't figured out yet?

Simplicity, intentionality, and sacredness(and many more virtues I will eventually figure out). 

In the Dalai Lama's book the Art of Happiness, he describes several accounts in which these same virtues are essential to true happiness. Unfortunately, these are common shortcomings in Western culture and younger generations. 

Things we used to hold sacred - belief systems, families, our true selves - are losing their importance  and place in our fast-paced lives. I know that's not true for all of us; many are seeking enlightenment, connection, and greater consciousness. 

In order to increase our happiness, we need to examine how we're holding space for sacredness in our own lives.

Do you have a spiritual practice? Even just a routine you do everyday for peace and relaxation? Finding a daily practice for sacredness will bring more meaning into your daily life, as well a greater happiness.

What do you want to be more sacred in your life? Name it, and make it so! No one can stop you! 

You won't believe all I've been up to

I have so much to share, I'm bursting at the seams! From Nepal updates to client success....where do I begin?!

I feel so lucky to be able to be a part of the relief efforts happening here. And like I said last week, the people here are all in!

My husband and I have teamed up with the International Medical Corps. They've got a great team, tons of resources, and helicopters. Yes, helicopters. So it was a clear choice.


But on a serious note, IMC is approaching the relief effort from all angles - medical response, sanitation, and shelter. Of course, everyone thinks of the immediate medical need. But with monsoon season upon us and no confined latrines, that makes for a pretty nasty landslide.

Check out IMC's latest video update from Sean- the director in Nepal- AKA who I'm working with all day. Although, his vlogs aren't as creative as mine, he's leading a pretty badass and effective relief mission.

What have I been up to?

I never thought you'd ask :)  Myself and one other social worker [the entire mental health team!] are providing psychological first aid to the victims of the earthquake. From what we've learn of people's needs, we're teaming up with other aid organizations to create a nation-wide mental health system. Basically, we're trying to make it easier for people to get the care they really need.

Did you say ladies night?

Women in Nepal need so much support right now! We working on providing them with safe spaces, reproductive healthcare, and emotional support in these trying times. In stressful times, the domestic violence rate goes way up. We're trying to put a stop to that each hour!

Oh yeah.... and my husband has been doing some pretty awesome medical work with his team- seeing HUNDREDS of patients each day!

And if all of that seems too crazy to relate to, there's this......


I just got the BEST email from a client about all of his recent successes in the short time I've been away! All emails like this are the best, but he ended with this: "Isn't it funny how life works out?"

He's been putting in the hard work to pursue his passions and I've asked him to have faith that all the good stuff will come from his efforts. I guess his faith has been restored! Here's a recent picture of his 1/2 marathon achievement!

So remember....when you feel like giving up, believe in yourself, and your faith bring your through it!

Signing off from Nepal!

What does it mean to be all in?

If you've worked with me before, I'm sure you've heard me use the phrase "all in."It's what I would consider one of the most underrated secrets to happiness. 


If you're "all in" with something, that means you're present, engaged, and focused on whatever it is you're doing. And when you have presence, engagement, and focus it makes the doing that much more enjoyable. 

I believe it's when we split our time and try to be multi-taskers that we make ourselves unhappy. 

Being "all in" has already shown up in unexpected ways in my trip:

- Being all in with their spiritual practice

People in India practice a wide variety of religions, but what they all share is an unwavering commitment to their practice. Everyday, these temples, mosques, and churches receives thousands of visitors, many of whom visit daily. What do you do every day that feeds your soul and connects to your spirit?

- All in in supporting their communities

These same temples, mosques, and churches feed their visitors everyday. As it was explained to me by a guide, they understand how important their community is, and that we all need to take care of each other. As he showed me the incredible size of their kitchen, it was clear what huge undertaking this was. But really, what else should we be doing but taking care of each other? What do you do to help your community?

- All in with shared goals

Since I've arrived in Nepal, you can see the presence of NGOs, humanitarian workers, and collaboration efforts. From meeting at the airport, to sharing information at the coffee shop, it is clear that we are all working towards the same mission: supporting Nepal. It is amazing the amount of work that can be accomplished when interests are aligned and people are All In! How do you collaborate with others?


I met these guys on my flight to Nepal. They were bringing $60k in donated medicine and supplies! Amazing, and all in!

These are just a few of the examples of people being all in on my trip so far! So, how can you be all in in your life? Name one action step you can do today to get there!

Help Me Help Nepal


I'm sure by now you have heard about the devesating earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25th, with a death toll of 5,000 and rising.

But what you may not know is my personal connection to the tragedy.

My husband, Remi Drozd, has been in Nepal since late February volunteering as a medical professional. With the recent earthquake and continued tremors and aftershocks, his work has become much more difficult and in higher demand.

I've been preparing for my visit to Nepal as well, and had a ticket to leave this Thursday....but the universe has other plans...

Due to the earthquake, I will be leaving this Saturday for India where I will be doing some meditation, volunteering, and waiting for the Nepal airport to reopen.

Like many of you, I experienced a wave of emotions over the past week with the news of the quake.

And it's an excellent reminder that we cannot control everything in our lives. My trip abroad will be very different now, but am grateful for my husband's safety and my opportunity to help.

You can help too! Please check out the the fund I have started with my sister-in-law for medical supplies, water, and other resources needed for the people of Nepal. 


I will continue to post while I'm away and keep you all updated! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Celebrate with me!

I'm taking my own advice from last week, and finding more ways to celebrate the small and big accomplishments, the things I love to do, and the way I love to feel!

On Saturday, April 18th, I presented at the Lady Project Summit {their annual amazing conference for ambition, leadership, and celebrating great women}. Lady project is one of my favorite organizations for the inspiring women I always meet at their events!

Not only did I have an amazing time and learn so much, but I got to share some of my favorite material with motivated ladies! 

Why is this a cause for celebration?

Workshops are part of my goals for 2015, I worked really hard to deliver a great workshop, and ... I got really nervous for this, but came out alive!

So with all the pressure I put on myself to achieve this, I think celebrations are in order!

Here are a few reasons I think you should celebrate too:

It's spring! 

Weather is heating up

Flowers are popping

Because why not?!

With all the time we seem to spend worrying, waiting, and wishing we need to find time to celebrate what's here and now!

I hope you can find something you're proud of achieving or being a part of over the past week. Celebrate yourself and share it with others! 

Vlogging while driving

I have no idea what prompted me to do this.... but I did it! My first video while driving!

Is that an accomplishment or milestone? I don't know. But since you mentioned it...

Achievement, accomplishments, and goals are the driving force in so many of our lives. And if we're really "driven" we've set goals, outlined a strategy for acheivement, and keep our nose to the grindstone until we get there!

But have you ever wondered what you're missing with your nose on that grindstone all the time?

You've missed being.....celebrating.....observing.

These are just as important as doing and achieving! 

Watch this week's video to find out why - and how you can create this balance in your own life!


Have any revelations while you watched this video??! I knew you would! Share Share Share away in the comments section of this video! 

Vacation's all I ever wanted?


In the Spring, everyone talks of “getting away”. Schools have spring break, work places honor time away.

But what are we “getting away” from?

From the cold weather (especially from this winter!), our jobs, from the stress of our daily lives. But do we ever really succeed in getting away? 

Even in a “get away” spot, I see everyone walking up early to run, on their phones and laptops to stay on top of their work life, and talking about family, friends, and problems at home. 

Because I see this so prevalently, I wonder, does anyone really want to get away? 

Getting away has a negative connotation to me. It emphasizes an escape, a need to pull away and disconnect. But I think that’s the opposite of what we really need. What I think we really crave is connection!

And that’s why we come back from vacations and still feel so exhausted. Because we’ve basically just relocated and maintained our same behavior patterns and wonder why we don’t feel better. 

What really need is connection. But we’re not even connected to the idea of connection! We are so ungrounded and just going through the motions and we struggle to know and be aware of what would really benefit us.

Instead of “getting away”, what if we strived to reconnect? Reconnect to ourselves, our souls, our deep desires; our partners, connect to our relationships. Connect with nature, with the earth, and with vitality. 

If we sought out connection instead of disconnection by “getting away”, we may find more fulfillment and relaxation in our vacations. 

So if a “get away” Is in your near future, or you daily life feels like something you need to get away from, challenge yourself to find where you’re disconnected. Reconnect with the thing you identified by…

- being completely honest with yourself and anyone else involved

- asking yourself what you can be doing differently

- connect with your vision of what you really want this part of your life to look like

- and connect with how you want to feel in this part of your life.

From there, come up with one action item you’re willing to do, and make it happen! I promise you change will result!

What is explosivity?

Every wonder how other people make big changes and movement in their lives? Wish you could be that other guy who's making big moves?

Explosivity is my method to help you become that guy/girl who gets things done in a big way.

Simple -but significant- changes to your tempo and behaviors can help you get 80% of things done in 20% of the time.

Have the intention to make a big move in your personal or professional life, get after it by making your momement EXPLOSIVE!

Watch this week's video to get your tempo geared toward explosivity!


How will you get explosive? How did changing your tempo change your results? Post in the video's comments section or on the blog now!

Quit ice damming, start living!

What do you do when you come home from a sunny spring day to find a leaking roof?

Scream "ICE DAMS! AHHHH!" ......then do somehting about it. 

So why should you care about my ice dams and leaking roof?

Because we do the same thing in our lives - we dam up by hardening our exterior. And when we do this, the stuff that needs to come out has no option but to get under our skin. This is what drives you crazy!

It's like you know somethings not right in your life, but you're not quite ready to deal with it.

How about you start by removing that ice dam?

Watch this week's video to unclog your gutters and avoid freezing over! {Think this doesn't effect you? Find out if you have these symptoms...}


Where did you find ice dams in your life? Share your experience with all of us! Post in the video's comments section or on the blog now!